Conversations with my 3 year old

Our conversations are getting more interesting these days...
Me: "Do you love Frankie?"
3yo: "Yes, she's our pet dog."
Me: "She's very special isn't she?"
3yo: "She's not special, she's just NORMAL."

Some difficult questions:
"Who made the beach?"
"Who do rocks come from?"
"Where do our poo go after we flush the toilet?"

On my taste in music:
3yo: "So AWFUL! Turn it off mummy!"

On my singing:
3yo: (hands on ears) "I'm NOT listening."

Me: "Hey, cutie pie."
3yo: "I'm not cutie pie. I'm Mr. Strong."

Me: "Why is your bottom soooo cute?"
3yo: "My bottom is not cute, it's BIG."

7 Responses to Conversations with my 3 year old

rooth said...

He's getting so grown up!

Ananka said...

Wow Trishie, how times flies - he really is getting bigger! I remember when he was a little bump in your tummy! I think he really looks like his daddy. :-D

Rose World said...

Haha. Mr Strong is so sentimental.

burntfeather said...

awww his is growing up!!!

Lady of the Manor said...

He's growing up! Enjoy theses times!

Sharon D said...

Aww..he is such a cutie pie ;D

Midnight Cowgirl said...

This hilarious!