Conversations with my nearly 3 yo

My nearly 3yo has an obsession with dinosaurs and eggs.
Nearly 3yo: "Alex Mummy go cave?"
Me: "Yeah sure, we can visit a cave one day."
Nearly 3yo: "And find dinosaur?"
Me: "That might be a bit hard."

Me: "Can you help Nanna find her knitting?"
Nearly 3yo: "Mystery, can't find it."

Me: "Come sweetie, Mummy give you a kiss."
Nearly 3yo: "No, Mummy sick. Germs come in my mouth, make me sick."
Me: "Oh yeah, that's right. Just a kiss on your forehead then."

Me: "Hey, Mummy has a surprise for you!"
Nearly 3yo: "What is it?!"
Me: "You guess."
Nearly 3yo: "Egg?"

Nearly 3yo, counting money from his piggy bank
Me:" Hey sweetie, put the money back, you don't need it."
Nearly 3yo: "Alex need it!"
Me: "What for? What do you need to buy?"
Nearly 3yo: "Chicken, egg, ice cream!"

10 Responses to Conversations with my nearly 3 yo

Enara Girl said...

He is super cute :)

Sharon D said...

Lol...he is so sweet ..and funny at the same time! It's good that you're saving these conversations here. It'll make wonderful memories.

akiko hiramatsu said...

I love the conversation of you and Alexander!
It is so lovely :)


Rose World said...

Hahaha. Cute boy. Anazing that they grow up so fast.

Pamela RG said...

He's so cute and smart.

burntfeather said...

awwww! You'll have to explain this egg fascination, are they dino eggs or who just loves eating eggs?? he he he - very cute!

Michelle {Jarrah Jungle} said...

Very obsessed by eggs! Such a cutie :)

azurachan said...

Awww... he isso cute!! Why eggs? Lol 😂

rooth said...

He's got the right priorities - food food and food. Love that kid

Imogen Eve said...

Too cute. Do you have the book 'The Somethingosaur'? It starts with a dinosaur (who is really a dragon) hatching out of an egg. I have a feeling Alexander would like it. x