Conversations with my 2.5 yo

Everyday is a fun day conversing with my little man.
Me: "You're such a handsome little man, Alexander!!"
2.5yo: (shakes head) "Alex not man."

Me: "Alex try some baked beans, they're really yummy."
2.5yo: "Alex can't like baked beans. No, Alex can't like that."

2.5yo: (Counting) "One, two, eight, nine, ten."

Me: "Do you love mummy?"
2.5yo: "Yes."
Me: "Little or a lot?"
2.5yo: "Alex love you lots."

11 Responses to Conversations with my 2.5 yo

Enara Girl said...

He is super cute. xoxo

Enara Girl said...

By the way join my giveaway of a Japan Candy Box, he should like it. xoxo

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Aw, so cute!

Michelle {Jarrah Jungle} said...

Nawwww such a cutie of course he loves Mum a lot! x

Sharon D said...

Aww...he is so sweet! ^.^

burntfeather said...

lol lol lol, love these Trishie! What a little dude :)

Lady of the Manor said...

So cute!!

Arni said...

Your post makes me look forward to the time my baby girl starts yo express herself. She just started constructing sentences. So cute!

Rose World said...

Such a sweet and sensible boy. 😍

Kez said...

What a sweetie, such precious moments to remember!

Kez |

akiko hiramatsu said...

Lovely Alexander!
I would like to study talking in English with him :)