Barbeque Christmas orange glazed ham

Not bragging, but last year I cooked my best glazed Christmas ham to a barbeque. It was juicy and sweet, salty and warm, carved straight off the bone. The barbeque not only adds a delicious smokiness to the meat but it also keeps the heat outside the house, a major plus for our hot Aussie Christmas.

The friendly folks at Ziegler and Brown have asked me to share my recipe today so you can try it for yourself.  Their barbeque range is quite unique, because you can grill steaks etc. on them and also roast entire chickens/beef roasts (and Christmas ham!) with the lid closed.

Barbeque Christmas orange glazed ham


2.5kg leg of ham, bone in
1 cup orange juice
1/2 cup orange marmalade
150g brown sugar
1-2tablespoons whole cloves


1. Preheat barbecue on high with hood closed.

2. Mix the marmalade with the sugar and 25ml water in a small pan, bring to the boil, then set aside to cool.

3. Remove rind using a small sharp knife, while trying to keep as much fat on the leg as possible (this is what makes it juicy). Score ham fat in a diamond pattern, no deeper than 5mm and stud the point of each diamond with a clove.

4. Place ham on a wire rack in a large baking tray lined with foil and pour juice plus 1/3 cup of water over ham into base of pan. Glaze ham with 1/2 of marmalade mixture.

5. Place ham in centre of barbeque with hood down and turn the burners directly under the meat off. Leave remaining burners on to conduct and circulate heat around the ham. Cook ham using indirect heat for 30-45 minutes, glazing regularly with the remaining marmalade mixture until caramelised and golden.
Tips for cooking ham in barbeque:

1. You can use any type of pre-cooked ham but I personally prefer bone-in ham for extra flavour. Bonus: The leftover bone with bits of meat on it can be used to make soup stock.

2. Allow ham to stand at room temperature (but away from direct sunlight) for 15-20 minutes before grilling. This takes the fridge chill away from the meat and allows for more even cooking.

3. Avoid lifting the barbeque hood too often.

4. Ensure there is no direct heat under the ham. Using a hooded barbeque to cook ham or roast is a bit different to cooking it in the oven as indirect heat is used to roast the meat, which means there is no heat directly under the meat as it cooks. You may find this demo useful (it shows you how to turn your barbeque into an outdoor oven).

5. It is important to wrap the ham in foil and rest for 15 minutes before carving. This allows juices to be reabsorbed into the ham, keeping it moist as well as let the flavours settle in.

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kidgranny said...

Looks delish and the recipe is super simple!

Ananka said...

Ahhh Christmas dinner outside! We'd never get away with that in Scotland haha ;-)

Rose said...

Omg! I am drooling. What a feast.

Midnight Cowgirl said...

The ham looks delicious, and the recipe sounds amazing :)

Aida said...

This post is making my mouth water. Christmas is only around the corner.

Have a good weekend Krisie.

Anouk said...

Looks like a very hearty and festive meal!


Agnes said...

It is good idea to have BBQ meals for Christmas..we have no 4 seasons, we have warm weather too on Christmas.

Imogen said...

Great job! Sounds like the best option for Christmas...especially being so hot here like you said.

rooth said...

Whoa, your ham looked beautiful

akiko hiramatsu said...

Looks delicious!!! I love ham very much:)
Your smile is so lovely!


Sharon D said...

Oh my, this is lovely - the food, the setting..all of it! :D