In this moment

reading... Friendship Bread by Darien Gee, an easy and heartwarming read. Makes me so curious about what the Amish friendship bread tastes like. Have you tried it before?

watching... Unreal, a dark comedy about what really goes on behind the scenes of a reality dating show (read: The Bachelor). It is twisted, dramatic, drugs and sex fuelled and totally trashy - I love it. (PS: Fee you need to watch it)

buying... a couple of goldfish. Alexander's getting a new pet.

excited about... Alexander turning two this month. TWO!!!

planning... my classes and getting exam materials ready for end of semester. Teaching going really well, by the way. Every class leaves me feeling energized, refreshed and so...knowledgeable.

eating... peas from the garden. They're so sweet, Alexander and I simply eat them raw. He has the peas, I have the pods.

feeling... pretty wonderful. Really, can't complain, life is good.

looking forward to... an upcoming weekender at the Upper Hunter region.

wishing... upon many a dandelions. Alexander and I have been picking them on our daily walks.

loving... conversations with Alexander, "Pick peas! Big!"

What are you up to in this moment?

12 Responses to In this moment

arushee bhoja said...

Sounds exciting :) I love this post format and it's so much fun to read!! <3

Larissa said...

So cute! I love your conversations with Alexander too :) My little one is 4 months now and I cannot believe how fast she is growing!
Thanks a lot for your last comment : )

Enara Girl said...

You enjoy your time that is very nice. xoxo

Ananka said...

Those peas look so tasty :-D

Rose said...

Gold fishes for your boy?? Nice. Used to rear some when a kid. Chinese always believe in goldfishes bring luck so we rear some when I were young.

Dandelions. Love it when those seeds flying around.

burntfeather said...

ooohhh thanks for the heads up about unreal!!! Also how sweet does your life sound? I love the cute life you guys lead :)

Caramella said...

Cute post! Lovin' the peas and the goldfish!! :)

rooth said...

Two?! What the what?!

Anouk said...

So cool that you are going to get fish! I'm sure that Alexander will be excited about this too. And hard to believe that two years have passed so quickly!

kidgranny said...

Wow, two already?! Time flies!! Happy birthday, little A (he won't be so little anymore)!

& great to hear that your teaching is going well! It must be a tough but very fulfilling job.

Sharon D said...

I love the beautiful moments you have with Alexander. It's precious.

akiko hiramatsu said...

You and Alexander have a lovely time!
The peas photo looks so delicious:)