Christmas crafts

Every year from around September, tons of mini pine cones get blown into my backyard from a neighbouring tree. I started collecting them just for fun at first, and then it became a bit of an obsession and I ended up with hundreds of them, right in time for a spot of Christmas crafting too.
Rosemary and mini pine cone wreath

You'll need:

Fresh rosemary sprigs, trimmed to ~10cm
Mini pine cones
Round embroidery hoop
Craft glue and glitter
Hot glue gun
Kitchen string


1. Squeeze some glue into a small bowl. Add glitter in a separate bowl. Dip pine cone into glue, then shake to remove excess glue. Then dip pinecone in glitter and shake to remove excess glitter. Leave to completely air dry.
2. Using hot glue gun, make around 4-5 clusters of three pine cones.
3. Make little bunches of rosemary (~8 sprigs per bundle) and tie with string. Position first bunch in desired position on hoop and secure with string.
4. Repeat with other bunches, making sure to overlap so as to cover the string.
5. Add a few pinecone clusters to the wreath by securing with string.
Christmas cards garland

You'll need:
Christmas cards (mine are from Tiny Prints)
Mini pinecones clusters (as per above instructions)
String and needle


1.  Punch two holes at the top of each card.
2. Thread string through the middle of one pine cone cluster. Then thread string through the holes in the card.
3. Repeat step 3 until desired garland length is achieved.

18 Responses to Christmas crafts

Ananka said...

Great ideas. I really like the wreath - it looks so good :-D

Sharon D said...

Beautiful work, Trishie. You make it look so easy. I'm inspired to try! :D

kidgranny said...

These are adorable and very festive!

kidgranny said...

These are adorable and festive!

Anouk said...

Beautiful Christmas diy decorations! Thanks for sharing these festive ideas.

Kelsea Echo said...

I love that you post so many pretty but simple projects! Gorgeous!

<3 Kelsea | Kels Shark

Pamela RG said...

You are so creative. The rosemary wreath must smell so good.

Jane @ said...

such a great idea! I need to try them.

burntfeather said...

Super festive and they turned out so cute because of those tiny pinecones!

Rose said...

I love pine cone. They are adorable. Nice Christmas craft idea.

Brandi said...

Oh the pine cones are so mini and cute. I've never seen them that small. Love your wreath and garland. Such creative ideas for the holidays.

Jane said...

oh my gosh i love the wreaths!! i wish i had a tree that gave me mini acorns! how cute!! :)

Lee said...

The Rosemary wreaths look so sweet. I can just imagine the fragrance - yum! The mini pine cones are cool, I don't think I've ever seen them so small. I only ever find the giant ones in Centennial Park.

D said...

i'm not a diy'er, but i think i can handle the christmas card garland ^^ thanks for posting!

oomph. said...

too cute....i love the mini wreaths. great idea to use the rosemary because of its scent!

lisacng @ said...

How adorable are those little pinecones! You did a great job with them, adding sparkle. The wreath must smell amazing!

My Garden Diaries said...

Hey you!! I read this post the other day on Blogloving but for some reason I wasn't able to comment....I LOVE what you have created here Trishie!! That vintage garland you created with the pinecones and that sweet wreath are just fantastic! I love natural elements and you used them perfectly! Hope you are well friend! Nicole xoxo

rooth said...

Awww those little pine cones are so cute