What's in my bag? - Then and now

Back in 2010, when I first showed you the contents of my bag in this post, I was single and carefree. My essentials for going out then were quite simply, some makeup, keys, a pretty hair clip and my phone. I carried these items in what I referred to as my 'baby' - a Chanel handbag, which I would lovingly polish with a soft woollen cloth after each use before putting it away in a felt bag.

How my life has changed since!!!
Now that I have a real baby, the thought of going out with anything less than a large nappy bag full of 'stuff' is laughable. I now carry around this Marc Jacobs nappy bag, a very thoughtful and handy gift from two of my closest and oldest friends in Singapore. It is the perfect bag for any mums. It is huge, has a heap of compartments for easy organization, is black (and so goes with any outfit) and is made of a strong nylon that allows me to wipe off any mess - vomit, pee, sand, food...you name it.

Let's have a look at what's in it, shall we?

For Alexander:
Nappy disposal bags - I carry at least 10. Nine for distracting bub with and one for the actual dirty nappy

Nappy change mat - for easy nappy changes pretty much anywhere

Banana boat baby sunscreen

Onesie- Alexander is a drooling, messy boy who is perfectly capable of poo explosions so a spare outfit is a MUST. 

Nappies - I carry at least 5, including one waterproof one just in case, I dunno, we decide to go for an impromptu swim?

Huggies baby wipes

Dettol hand sanitizer

Face washer
Disposable bibs

Toys - I need at least three to entertain bub with.

Baby food, rice rusks, plastic bowl and spoon - Alexander is hungry all the time and stays happy as long as there's food in his mouth.

And for me:
Panadol - I have chronic migraine (sometimes they are bad to the point of debilitating) but since I'm still breastfeeding, panadol is about the only thing I can thing and I make sure I have them on hand, always.

MAC face powder and lipstick - I have been using them for over a decade now. They're just the best.


Lady Jayne travel brush - it's foldable and comes with a mirror and is the best thing for brushing food that Alexander sticks in my hair.

Loccitane mama and bebe cream - one handy divine smelling cream for the both of us.


Fisherman's friends mints



What is in your bag? How has its contents changed over the years?

32 Responses to What's in my bag? - Then and now

Rose said...

Yup. My personal handbag now become my baby bag. Need to share the space with baby. ^^

Pamela RG said...

What a change Trishie from your single days to your mommy days now.

Danica Pardini said...

Domyoumperfer mommy vs. single days?

trishie said...

@Danica, that's a tough question. I do miss my single days. A lot. I miss the ease of bring responsible for no one but myself, the joys of travelling, shopping, dining at fine restaurants, buying designer stuff. But at the same time, I enjoy motherhood a lot too. Yes it's tough, and exhausting and I still sometimes cry myself to sleep but it is also the best and the most important thing I have ever done and am so grateful to have experienced the joys of motherhood. So to answer your question. Both single hood and motherhood have been great for me, but I guess the single carefree part of my life is over now.

greenthumb said...

Oh how life changes, now I always need cash as it's always needed for something.

orchid Miyako said...

Oh; As you know that I wasn't blessed with a child, I haven't experienced with this "inside the bag change" much p;)
Wonderful present and I admire you being well-prepared Mom♡♡♡
Now, I find my inevitable item in the bag is the cellar-phone and camera, which I haven't had in my younger days, haha.

Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

burntfeather said...

So fun to see the change Trishie and even though you've had to go bigger the little bundle that has caused the change, I'm sure is well worth it - plus that nappy bag is way too good looking to be a baby bag!

JoaNNa said...

Amazing how you can fit all those things into one bag!
Although I'm still single, the things in my bag have changed over the years as well. I have probably 4 different lip products in each bag now. Not sure why haha!

kidgranny said...

Your friends are so sweet for gifting you with a very stylish diaper bag! By the way...I love how you call it a nappy bag!

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

That is one cute nappy bag! I would imagine carrying all of these items must be a workout but it sure looks like you're prepared for anything which is a must with babies isn't it ;)

Rowena @ rolala loves

Ananka said...

What a big difference in the two posts! Wow how life changes.

My bag is pretty boring. I've always got a bottle of water, painkillers, hankies, hand wash, notebook, pen and a few plastic bags. It hasn't really changed much in the last few years anyway.

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

Ah, how our bags change, don't they? My choice of footwear has changed as well, since stilettos don't really work for driving and running after tots ;-)

MITCH said...

Wow :) You're a great mom indeed! I love to see "whats in my bag" post, and this one is very different from what I usually see. Love it!


Jane said...

i have chronic migraine as well. me and my husband. it's so annoying! so fun to see what's inside your bag. i love seeing these posts - i keep telling myself i have to do one as well!

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Isn't it amazing how your bag has changed? I travel SO light now (for myself) now that I'm a mom. I need this and that for my kiddo but I can survive with shades, a pen, a wallet, and my makeup.

Tina Bradley said...

I remember (fondly) going from a carefree, single woman--to (a few years later)--a married mama with a little boy in tow. Yup, my purses (before and after) looked much like yours. Over time--as both boys grew up--the purse's contents morphed back into what it looked like in my pre-children days. These days, I'll often carry a small journal with me, though--as well. Plus, I now carry a phone--which I didn't do 30 years ago. :) Hugs, T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

oomph. said...

i remember lugging around ALL of this! i was so happy the day my son no longer needed bottles, baby food, and diapers! lol.

My Garden Diaries said...

This is awesome! You are beyond organized friend! I think the best advice you can give to a new mom is to have a bag packed like the one you just did! There were so many times I was out and was missing something...if I would have just had it pre-packed with everything that you have here it would have saved me in so many situations! Great stuff lady! And yes...isn't it funny how our bags change?!?! A great week to you! Nicole xoxo

Stacy @ Sweethearts + Sweet Tarts said...

Right now it is just the necessities (keys, phone, cards) and lipstick. It is all I need anymore :-)

azurachan said...

This is familiar.Now my handbag looks kind of the same like you. Luckily big handbag is in trend nowadays. Lol!

Emily Tang said...

oh nappy bag
will become handy once I married with kids

Sharon D said...

That's a big change, a necessary one ;) What's in my bag hasn't changed much except that I carry more tissue than before..lol

Sam said...

Its so amazing how ones bag's contents completely change after a baby, you need so many more things! Yours is so neatly organized! I am always grateful for your every comment :)

Midnight Cowgirl said...

I love these types of posts! Your bag is cute!

Amy @ Elephant Eats said...

Love seeing what's in your bag! Haha, I can't even imagine how much stuff one little baby needs...guess I'm gonna find out soon ;)

libys11 said...

wow.. life has definitely changed! although, it's so cute to see the baby toys!! :D

Animated Confessions

Shirley Tay said...

That's quite a lot of stuff in your bag. Been wanting to do a post on this too, but you got to it first :))

Shirley Tay said...

That's quite a lot of stuff in your bag. Been wanting to do a post on this too, but you got to it first :))

Ghada Fadia said...

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Anouka said...

Love the bag! I'm amazed that you can get by with carrying so little stuff for yourself; I can't leave the house without taking so many unnecessary things with me.

Arni @ Travel Gourmande said...

Yay, Sophie the giraffe! My handbag disappeared and it transformed into a baby bag. I should invest more on huge stylish bags to accommodate baby stuff.

Diva In Me said...

I guess your baby's stuff is taking up more space in the bag than yours now =D Priority has changed over the years. Your friends are definitely thoughtful over your needs =)
The content in my bag is still very much like a single and carefree type of person.