Dettol and its Mission for Health

Mention the word "Dettol", and one particular childhood memory automatically pops into my mind: It was a long time ago when I was just ten. I was hanging out with my bestie and we decided it would be a marvelous idea for her to cycle down a steep slope while I hang on at the back in my roller skates. As you can imagine, it ended quite badly - with lots of blood, tears and a good dose of Dettol antiseptic on our broken skin (ouch!).  

These days though, Dettol is not just known for its iconic antiseptic liquid, it is also associated with a range of hygiene and antibacterial products for the home. I had the recent pleasure of trialing a couple for Dettol's products which I will review below:

Dettol Power & Pure multipurpose spray

I've become as much more pedantic about cleaning now, especially when it comes to kitchen messes now that we have little Alexander. I love that this spray kills 99.9% of germs including E.Coli and Salmonella. It is effective for cleaning up in the kitchen after prepping food and cooking and also quickly and easily wipes off stains and grease with minimal swipes.

Touch of Foam hand wash

Never in my life have I washed my hands as often and as thoroughly as I do now. And I am so glad to have this to wash my hands with! This product smell so pretty and the soft, fluffy foam envelopes my hand, ensuring a good clean.
Dettol has always been for me, been synonymous with disinfection, hygiene and first aid. So it makes so much sense that they are running a campaign called Mission for Health, with a focus on advice on creating healthy homes. As a new mum, I find their articles and cleaning tips to be extremely relevant and useful for keeping my home clean and my child healthy.

I would also like to take the chance to mention as well that Dettol and Save the Children are bringing a life saving Child Health & Hygiene program to Indonesia, to reduce the nearly 50,000 annual deaths from diarrhoea, often a result of poor hand washing practices. Now is that a good cause or what?

11 Responses to Dettol and its Mission for Health

My Garden Diaries said...

That is an amazing cause friend!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow and thanks as always for the great info!!!!

Niken said...

oh my god, dettol is a part of my childhood memory too!

burntfeather said...

Great cause and I'll definitely admit to being a dettol user :)

Tina Bradley said...

Fabulous cause + a great review! Hugs on your day! :) T.

★ L i S A said...

Great info on Dettol! ^-^

Pop Champagne said...

oh I totally remember this product! my dad uses it :D

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

I still remember that bottle of Dettol sitting in my grandparents' medicine cabinet when I was little. Had no idea they had a whole range of products now but that's a great initiative.

Rowena @ rolala loves
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Our Neck of the Woods said...

It sounds like a great product line! I actually have never heard of it before, so I guess it's not available here in the US!

Katrina Sophia said...

I use them a lot, especially antiseptic ones.

i admire you for striving to keep your home clean and healthy for your family <3

Katrina Sophia Blog

Beauty Box said...

I'm the same too - I wash my hands so many times a day now! Sometimes I even change outfits twice a day if the bub has nappy accidents or spews. Lots of stuff comes out of such a tiny creature!!!

Hannapat said...

I used to use detail but these days I only use evover, a more environmentally sustainable product. I think it's amazing that detol is fighting for such a good cause. Xoxo