Apple crumble

Hi all! I'm Rigel from Peach Macarons and I have the pleasure being Trishie's guest for todays post while she enjoys some time with her new baby. I wanted to share with you one of my most favourite and simple deserts the humble apple crumble.
There is nothing too fussy or fancy about it, it's just really yummy comfort food.
Depending on what I have in the cupboard I change some of the nuts around but I have found that hazel nuts, pecans and almonds all work really well in the crumble.
I'm also keen on using dark choc chips instead of sultanas and currants to give it an extra hit of sweetness. But you could also use blueberries, dried apricot or go with a drizzle of honey.
Personally I like to use coconut oil instead of butter as I think it really adds to the flavour. Coconut oil also has some great health benefits. The other thing I like about this recipe is that it's gluten free and low starch.
Serves 3 people

3 apples (approx. 1 apple per person)
1/3 cup sultanas and currents (or choc chips)
1/2 cup hazel nuts
1/2 cup pecans
3/4 almond meal
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 tbsp of coconut oil (or butter)
Preheat oven to 200 C. Peal and chop the apples.
Place the apples in a small oven dish and sprinkle the sultanas and currants through.
Roughly chop up the nuts and put aside.
To a mixing bowl add the almond meal, brown sugar and the coconut oil (or butter). Using your fingertips, work the coconut oil into the dry mixture until it's evenly broken down and it resembles breadcrumbs. Then add the nuts to the mixture and combine.
Add the crumble mixture over the top of the apples and place in the oven for approx 25- 30min or until the top is gold brown.
Serve hot with ice cream or cream.


Images by Peach Macarons

16 Responses to Apple crumble

Michelle said...

I never thought of using choc chips in a crumble, yum this looks delicious!

Tina Bradley said...

This looks so yummy! I adore the idea of the dark chips and dried fruits as add ins! :) T.

Juju at Tales of said...

Looks awesome.

You're a great food photographer btw.

Kim Alston said...

this looks so scrumptious! i must try and make it. thanks.

Anouka K said...

It looks so delicious! Very nicely presented.

Imogen said...

This looks delicious. I love apple crumble.

curly purplepig said...

wow looks good!

Shirley Tay said...

Nice mtg you, Rigel! Lovely recipe & looking fwd to sharing :) said...

I bet that tasted great :-)

Amy @ Elephant Eats said...

Mmm, there really is nothing better than an apple crumble with vanilla ice cream! Looks great :)

Gloria said...

It's definitely not fall until we make a batch of apple crumble :-) Can't wait to try this recipe!

.Michelle Dennis Evans said...

Yummo! Looks soooo good!

Kate Sullivan Corpuz said...

Perfect recipe for apple season~

always, koru kate

akiko hiramatsu said...

It looks tasty!
It is the season of the apple soon.


Natalie G said...

I will be trying this out for sure, it looks amazing!

cquek said...

This is why I always love visiting here as I always learn something new!