12 things: bake cakes

Don't know if you've noticed, but I like fruits in my cake. In my little head, I've had me convinced that the few slices of apple or peach or berries will magically cancel out the butter and sugar, thus making the cake more...virtuous.

With this logic in mind, I whipped up some apple custard tea cake for afternoon tea one weekend (And boy, they were good).

So I am sharing the recipe today, so you can whip up some virtuous cake of your own too.

Apple custard tea cakes


90g butter
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup (110g) caster sugar
2 eggs
3/4 cup (110g) self-raising flour
1/4 cup (30g) custard powder
2 tablespoons milk
1 large unpeeled apple, cored, sliced finely
30g butter, extra, melted
1 tablespoon caster sugar, extra


1 tablespoon custard powder
1 tablespoon caster sugar
1./2 cup (125ml) milk
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract

  1. Make custard
  2. Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Line 12 hole muffin tray with paper cases
  3. Beat butter, extract, sugar, eggs, flour, custard powser and milk in small bowl until mixture is changed to a paler colour
  4. Divide half the mixture among cases. Top with custard, then remaining cake mixture; spread mixture to cover custart. Top with apple slices, pressing slightly into cake.
  5. Bake for 30 minutes

Making custard
  • Blend custard powder and sugar with milk and extract in a small saucepan; stir over heat until mixture boils and thickens. Remove from heat; cover surface with plastic wrap. Cool.

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FashionGeek said...

omg thse looks so good! did u make them?
can't wait to see you on my blog once again.

Miss K said...

To die for!

-------------- said...

hey dear, i am interest with your blog <3
mind to follow each other? <3


Summer said...

wow, this is defo going in my cookbook <3
I made some cookies, why don't you stop on by! :)


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Francesca Romana Capizzi said...

Oh I love apple custard cakes!!!
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M.E said...

thanks for sharing! I have to try these!


look see said...

They look delicious! :)

Starlight said...

It looks delicious. :)

Marella said...

Such a yummy post dear!
Gorgeous blog! Following! Follow back?

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Sam said...

Woah! you are a cake connoisseur...these look absolutely yummy and very professionally done. Is baking a hobby/passion of yours?

elle le coeur said...

hahahha same here!! :D it MUST be healthy if there are fruits inside!!!! IT MUST!!! hahah

love the post!


Well... said...

Ooooh, so yummy looking!
Haha, and I know, I like to think the little bit of fruit makes treats like these healthier...
Saving this to make one weekend!

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FashionCherry said...

that looooooks amazing!


rooth said...

I can't believe you did that so casually - just whipped it up. It looks pretty darn good!

Suvarna Gold said...

hi cutie

love the blog
its sweet!!

indie by heart said...

Oh yum :> Nice to come here and see something delicious again ! ^^ Good thing I already ate, otherwise would have needed a sweet snack.

Thank you so much for the past comments, you're so lovely :) I'm glad you liked my inspiration post, I love those photos myself x

Have a nice weekend,

Indie by Heart

Shop N' Chomp said...

What a fantastic choice for afternoon tea! I'd eat it for breakfast too...hee hee. *^_^* Thanks for the recipe, love!

Lauren said...

Those look really good and delicious. I also put fruit on my desserts or in my desserts to make it "healthy". Thank you for sharing the recipe!

Have a great weekend!


Bonnie said...

Fruits in cake taste really good. I like the combination of tastes.

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Marie said...

Wow... these look divine! Thanks for the recipe.:D

***** Marie *****

Robots in Trouble said...

ahhh this is bad because i'm on a diet. but it looks so good *DROOOOOOOLL*

caise said...

so yummy!

Manu Luize said...

I bet they are so tasty! I'll try it ASAP.
I also have this funny thought that fruits will make cake healthier. lol

Have a great weekend,
Manu Luize.

Carrie said...

oh my, these looks sooo delicious. good job. i wish i knew hot bake like this. i'm showing this recipe to my sister. :)

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Shoe Bell(i)e said...

Looks yummm! Hey a fruit is a fruit, no? hehe Have a good weekend!

Luna said...

I knew you'd post the recipe! Thanks for sharing.

Diva In Me said...

It is close to 4pm here and when I look at your pictures, it makes me hungry. I guess tea time is good =)Your baking looks good!

Syrious said...

aaaaaaaah i will neve ropen your blog!!! i'm hungry now! ahahahah i'm joking ;)
the cakes look AMAZING!
cute blog! i'm following you by google friends box hope you'll do the same ONLY if' you'll like mine!
sweet italian kisses

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Kellie Collis said...

Looks delish! Definitely worth a try! Have a wonderful weekend, Kellie xx

Sootjeelina said...

It looks delicious!

xoxo Sootjeelina <3

Maureen at The Inglenook Decor said...

I'm getting hungry...these just looks scrumptious!

Hi! I am LiLi! said...

I love cakes and other pastries but lately I am so lazy to make them. Good thing my daughter doesn't baking for the family. Hi, Trish!

Andrea said...

Hello Trishie. I've been tagged and since you are one of my favorite bloggers I tagged you!

And I love cakes too! I liked that you kept apple slices on it. :D


Punctuation Mark said...

Delicious! Happy weekend!

LoveT. said...

Looks delicious!

Lovely Greetings from Austria ♡

Deidre said...

YUM! these look DELICIOUS. I'm gluten free, but me thinks this would taste yum even gluten free.

(My theory used to be "gluten free = healthier...right?" and thus anything gluten free cancelled out all the sugar...WRONG.)

blondebenedicte said...

Thank you so much darling :)
Aw, everything looks so good & tasty, really yummi ;P

hope in high heels said...

They look fantastic! I am so with you on the virtuousness of eating cakes with fruit.... Hope you had a great weekend!

Sandra Leiva said...

Looks yummy! <3

Style, She Wrote said...

WOw! These look amazing. Perfect for tea time on a lazy Sunday afternoon. xo style, she wrote

Color-Block said...

omg..so good...
we can follow each other if you want

Mariyam ABAG said...

mmm delish :)

I love fruit in my cooking, you might like the recipei I will be posting for the strawberry and almond cake.


Syrious said...

roses are so beautiful!
but food is pure heaven to me :D
cute blog! i'm following you by google friends box hope you'll do the same ONLY if' you'll like mine!
sweet italian kisses

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Lyndall said...

Ooh these look so good! I love the big apple slices.

Virna √ćvinna said...

Oh, looks great!
We can follow each other? :)

Claudia said...

These cupcakes looks so so good, i'll definitely try the recipe! Thanks for sharing :)


Cherry Berry ~~ said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe!!