Gone glamping

So, it was my birthday on the weekend and Stu and I celebrated by going glamping.

You see, glamping really isn't very much different from regular camping; we slept in tents close to nature, surrounded by trees and birds and wildlife. We woke up to the sounds of birds calling and at night we slept under the stars. On the Sunday night it rained and we drifted off to sleep to the pitter patter of rain on our tent. Glamping- it's camping but just that bit more civilised.

How do you camp?

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Juanita Tortilla said...


Samantha (everythingiheart.blogspot.com) said...

I am definitely NOT a camper! My husband loves it- this type of place looks like the prfect compromise! ;) I hope you had a happy birthday! xxx

kit and nancy. said...

wow! looks beautiful. totally my kind of camping! :)

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Love the pictures, looks lovely :).

Sadie x

Mommyblogger said...

That is beautiful! I call that ritzy camping :)

We used to tent camp all the time but when our son was born last July that all changed. We now cabin camp. If there are no cabins available, we stay home LOL!