Scenes from suburbia

So, it's been nearly 9 months since Stu and I moved into our new home. During this time, I:

  • decorated and re-decorated about 6 times

  • got used to the quietness of suburbia and learnt not to jumped in fright when something creaks

  • had currawongs eat berries and make purple poop everywhere

  • spent many a lazy afternoon, sipping a cup of tea in the sun

  • fed other native birds in the backyard

  • found out I have a macadamia nut tree! (as well as figs and lemons and mandarins!)

  • had visits from possums, bunnies and bandicoots

  • swung on my swings

  • spent happy hours entertaining friends and family

  • baked and cooked to such excess my oven and stove died

In other words, I'm settling down beautifully.

7 Responses to Scenes from suburbia

nancy said...

that sounds aboslutely wonderful! congratulations :)

Starlight said...

I love your photos and I'm glad that you're getting used of your new home.

Bad Joan said...

Love these images!


♥ CheChe said...

I pretty much love everything about this post ;).

praying you get to enjoy your new home even more than you already seem to :)!!


everyonescelebrity said...

You have been so busy! Congrats :)

ps. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm returning the favour :)


ChYmEc!nDy** said...

Sounds great. Enjoy your every single day there.

Taj Acosta said...

It sounds like utter bliss! This is not far away from my reality as well, the hubs and I are looking for a house outside the citayy! xo -Taj