Picos skirt giveaway!

The lovely Aida Coronado is giving away this beautiful flirty Mexican Picos skirt to one lucky reader! Inspired by LOVE, this skirt comes in 6 colours and will fit sizes S through L.

This giveaway is open to readers worldwide but you must be a follower of my blog to enter. For your chance to win, please visit Aida Coronado and leave a comment on this post, telling me what is your favourite item from her store. Giveaway closes Wednesday, 7th April, 5pm EST, the winner will be drawn at random and contacted via email. Good luck!

118 Responses to Picos skirt giveaway!

jozen said...

what a great giveaway!

my fave item is the Chocolate Picos Mexican peasant maxi skirt


CL, said...

this is such a lovely giveaway :) i love xochitl folk embroidery mexican blouse! all her pieces, especially the skirts, are so chic & pretty :)


Laura Loo said...

oh man so, i love some of the dresses!!




Juanita Tortilla said...

OMG I could take the entire collection of dresses!
Just to pick one: http://www.aidacoronado.com/store/mexican-embroidered-dresses/navy-deep-mexican-embroidered-floral-dress.html -- could wear this right now. Lovely shop!

Lulu said...

oh i adore the Mexican embroidered bohemian floral top! their items make me want it to be warm outside (it kind of already is, but this is making me want it to be consistent!) =]

and of course i follow your lovely love blog!

poet said...

Thanks for letting me know!

I love a lot of what I've seen but my favorite would be the crocheted vintage dress that is unfortunately out of stock: http://www.aidacoronado.com/store/mexican-embroidered-dresses/romantic-mexico-natural-maxi-dress-vintage-hippie-fairy-chic-bohemian-ethnic-wedding-dress.html

If I'm lucky and win the skirt I'd like it in chocolate brown.

Giovanna ♥ said...

This an awesome giveaway! I love Aida Coronado's lovely creations! I adore the "Nubes Mexican embroidered dress" I love embroidery!!
Thanks for letting me know :)

Giovanna ♥ said...

Ps: Please let me know if you'd like to exchange links on the blogroll :) I love your blog!

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

This skirt is gorgeous. My favourite item would probably be the vintage Mexican silk & lace manta embroidered dress (phew - that was a mouthful).


Lily Riani said...

are you crazy, its hard to choose when i LOVE all of it. LOVE the colour, the authenticity and exclusivity it portrays - it will suits my trips well in terms of colour, material (cooling) & chic-ness.

but i need to be fair...hemm... even do you said only one... giving you my top 3.

1. Gypsy Pink floral Mexican embroidered bag
2. El Jardin vintage Mexican embroidery & lace romantic
3. Sky blue Azul Mexican embroidered dress

Btw, my friend will be going to SF mid this year, anyway she can purchase it at the outlet? or how do i go about? hemmm....

Ms. Chyme said...

Dear, i already put your blog button in my blog.

Have a great day!

Little Bear Stories said...

that skirt is beautiful! i love everything in the shop too but if i have to pick one i think it will have to be the Viva la Vida Mexican strapless embroidered bohemian maxi dress x

Little Bear Stories said...

this one >> http://www.aidacoronado.com/store/mexican-embroidered-dresses/bohemian-bubble-top-mexican-embroidered-dress-2.html

Kate said...

Oh neat! I would certainly like to win this giveaway!

Pretty clothes - I most like the purple embroidered dress and the vintage embroidered mexican blouse dress!


muchlove said...

what a terrific giveaway! The skirt looks gorgeous.

My favourite item is "Old Gold ethnic cotton lace embroidered dress"

josephinechoo said...

Great giveaway!!!

This is the first time been intoduce to this brand and I really love their designs!!

My favorite would be Nubes Mexican embroidered dress bohemian off shoulder.

It looked so feminine and suit for beach too.


beingdena said...

Trishie this is the best giveaway ever. I adore this skirt and been looking for one all around London.

my favoutie item is :


have you seen this dress? it has got the most beautiful details yet so simple.

I am crossing my fingers and toes...


rooonaaah said...

love it...want to have the one on that picture and all the other colors...i also love the beaded authentic bracelet...


Rose said...

Oh what a lovely giveaway to host!
I looove this skirt and my favourite dress would have to be las florecitas mexico summer dress!


Gracie said...

Aww really pretty skirt. Lovely giveaway!

I love her dresses! My favourite is Azul Mexican Embroidered dress off shoulder bubble dress. The colour is lovely :)

I follow too :)


natalie said...

Oh holy cow, what a fantastic giveaway :D

I really love a lot of the dresses! Let's see... like the El Jardin vintage Mexican embroidery & lace romantic floral one, and the Vintage Mexican silk & lace manta embroidered romantic one, and the Las Florecitas ethnic embroidered one... I love the Paz white peyote flowers vig Mexican embroidered tunic top too! Wow, I love all of it apparently ;)

Maria-Thérèse afiori.com said...

oh it is beauuutiful! I would love, love, love to wear that skirt - I *think* I could wear it without drowning in it (I'm kind of small) since it's so flowy at the bottom and narrow on top.

My fav would be this dress: http://www.aidacoronado.com/store/mexican-embroidered-dresses/vintage-mexican-embroidered-dress.html

fisiwoman said...

Enter me please! I'm a new follower from Spain (fisiwoman)

My favorite item is: http://www.aidacoronado.com/store/mexican-vintage-skirts-slips/mexican-vintage-skirt.html


Victoria said...

Enter me please!!!!!! I love this Xochitl fine folk embroidery Mexican blouse


Yelena R. said...

Love this skirt! Oh and my favorite things in her store are probably the wonderfully colorful bags!

lauren may said...

wow ive never seen this store before. its quite amazing.
i love all of it.
especially that skirt.
Xochimilco San Antonino fine Mexican embroidered dress
that ones cute as!
keeping my fingers crossed.

Jingle said...

Wow! I absolutely LOVE the Mexican embroidered 80's bubble top dress!!! It is so cute!!! jinglesells at gmail dot com

OneCraftyFox said...

Great giveaway Trishie! Thanks for hosting, there are so many gorgeous items to choose from.

As much as I love summer dresses and skirts, I also adore embroidered tunics which are so breezy and beautiful, so I have to say I totally adore this top: http://www.aidacoronado.com/store/mexican-apparel/summer-days-mexican-embroidered-floral-blouse.html

I am a follower of your blog.

Betty Gaeta said...

I adore mexican dresses! I have two Mmexican dresses, 1 white and 1 black. In Brazil is very hot and the dresses are cool.

Nora Johnson said...

Hi Trishie! Lovely giveaway!

My favorite item is: http://www.aidacoronado.com/store/mexican-vintage-skirts-slips/mexican-vintage-skirt.html

Thanks for the heads up!


Adele said...

that skirt is perfect for summer! hopped over and i really love all the embroidery, especially on the jade strapless mexican dress. im a follower of course (: hope you're having a great week so far! xo

Sher said...

Such a sweet skirt!

My fave item is this:

And of course I'm a follower of your blog:)


C'est La Vie said...

I'm so frustrated because it wont pull up her website, I tried like 10 times. But I love this one, she is very talented.

And of course I'm a follower! :)

its simple love said...

YAY! A giveaway! I love free stuff. Who doesn't?

I love the Turquoise peyote flowers vig Mexican embroidered tunic top. Stunning.


Chelsea Robbins said...

i love the jade and gold tunic dress on the first page of the dresses. super cute.

what an awesome give a way-the skirt will be great with a tank top for summer!

Count me in


its simple love said...

YAY! A giveaway! I love free stuff. Who doesn't?

I love the Turquoise peyote flowers vig Mexican embroidered tunic top. Stunning.


Alley said...

What a wonderful giveaway! And what lovely pieces, my favourite would have to be this one:


Thanks for offering such an awesome giveaway!

Auburn Not Red said...

That is so pretty and right for Spring! I like the Frida Boho Fiesta white romantic Mexican Maxi dress the best. Anything light, white and airy!

emimonster said...

oh wow all the stuff is so cute! i really love the vibrant colors and casual feel... my fav is the deep navy mexican embroidered floral dress. so cute!

Liz said...

Morning Hun...

Always lovely hearing from you.

Yay! A Giveaway!!

Aida's skirt is amazing. I am also loving her Flores Rojas Vintage Mexican Embroidered Tunic Blouse, especially the flower detail in the back.

Thanks so much hun for this lovely chance.

jenbern said...

this is so beautiful!!

I also really like the vintage Mexican embroidery & lace romantic floral dress.

ricebabies said...

I am in love with yello, so I like the

Oliva Picos Mexican peasant maxi skirt

Will twitter this now

thericebabies(at)ymail (dot) com

Tangerine Fairy said...

Wow..the skirt is so pretty! Thanks for following my blog and count me in for the give away! following you :)

daisychain said...

amazing skirt and amazing giveaway! my favourite item is



buhdoop said...

Pretty dress :0

steph said...

Cute site & with very cute clothes! My favorite is: Oliva Picos Mexican peasant maxi skirt. I think I'd have to rock it with a smile tank & gladiator sandals.

Brandi said...

I have to choose just one favorite? Umm...this may be a bit unlike me to go with pink, but the Sweet Days Pink Mexican embroidered dress. But it was really hard to choose just one.

Reginasaurus said...

The Quetzales Verdas embroidered shirt is beautiful - even though it's out of stock! This is a lovely giveaway! xo

George's Mum said...

wow- there's some amazingly detailed items in her shop. This has to be my favourite thing though, I can just see a gorgeous little girl wearing this on the beach soooo cute!


(it's so cute it makes me want to have another baby in the hope it's a girl!!!)

Kate said...

Wow brilliant giveaway - thanks for introducing me to this brand, I love absolutely everything! If I had to pick one I'd go for

but seriously everything else is gorgeous too!


Taj Acosta said...

Wow her stuff is so amazing! It reminds me of when I lived in Texas! I love the El Amor maxi dress! But it's all cute! I hope I win!!! Thanks doll xoxo


Moosette said...

That skirt is SO cute! There are so many lovely things to choose from on her website but I am really loving the Gold and Jade flower tunic - love the color!

Damla said...

I follow (follower name is Damla). I like the Luna llena dreams Romantic convertible ruffles wedding dress.

annabell_lee_dk (at) yahoo.com

Robbin said...

awesome blog and thanks for visiting mine!

my favorite item has to be this bag:

it's colorful, whimsical, so folky. i love it!

- Robbin

sarah said...

I love this! it would literally be perfect one a warm summer night:)

thanks for sharing the pretty things and inspirations!

Heather -Gathering Spriggs said...

wonderful giveaway from a fav. shop of mine for a while.

my favorite of many!

Amber's Notebook said...

omg I love that skirt! It is mu favorite piece. Although the wedding dress, the off the shoulder top, and cuffs are pretty cute as well =)

Kayla said...

I'm already a follower and I really love the wonderland floral boho bag!!



Breee said...

I really like your style! :D
it's totally rad!

I will be following you now, follow me too yah?

thanks :D

Anh said...

OMG. I've been looking for a skirt like this!!!! No joke! Love your blog, thanks for the heads up =) xoxo
- Anh @ 9to5Chic

Erica said...

beautiful skirt


Mimi said...

this is so exciting! :) my favorite item would have to be the Nubes Mexican embroidered dress bohemian off shoulder. it's perfect for this spring and summer. great for daytime and nighttime as well. :)

Janelle Z. said...

My favorite item on the site is the Mexican Embroidered Roses Bag and Teal Lace. Apparently, it's a lot of other's favorites, too because it's sold out! :(

Helen said...

Oh Trishie, what a lovely giveaway! I'm really loving this store and all of the pieces! I have to say that this dress is my favorite:


Andreea said...

Hy, nice giveaway !!!
My fave is "El Mar ocean blue gypsy chic embroidered summer dress "
(Of course there are more but this is: X: X: X).



Belen said...

I would love in. I know I'm still at a size XL, but with the weight I'm working on losing, I'd love for this skirt to be something I work towards, you know?

So hopefully I win this for an extra kick in the butt to continue my work outs!


Catalina said...

I love this giveaway and I love her clothes!
I'm currently in love with this:


But I also love so many more things in her shop, It's kind of hard to decide:)

Jennifer said...

I would say I love the Romantic Ruffles Wedding Dress just for the chic crisp style of it but I also love the tops and peasant maxi skirts. I wore a Mexican wedding dress to my prom in 1971 - very hippie chic. Jennifer jennsthreegraces

Sara said...

Hey doll! Love your blog :] Happy follower of yours! Thanks for letting me know about the giveaway, what a fabulous one! Please enter me! I like the White tunic crochet embroidered Spanish flare 1960's top and the Vintage peasant top! ♥ good luck to everyone and best wishes!
email: ssmith12@Ohiohealth.com


thanks for telling me about this awesome giveaway!

woow, her shop is so lovely
I love everything! The skirts and dresses are really cute

My favourite (it was such a hard choice haha ^^) would be "Vintage Mexican silk & lace manta embroidered romantic dress"


jozen said...

hi trishie!

i'm hosting a giveaway too...


Abby Kihano said...

trish! this is such a cool giveaway ^_^

Courtney Ann said...

OOOH! what a lovely skirt! thanks for letting me know about the give away Trishie :)

my fave item is
Thanks so much!

Hijiri said...

so pretty!

I like Viva la Vida Mexican strapless embroidered bohemian maxi dress -- of course it's sold out at the moment!

Laura Gerencser said...

Great giveaway! I love this bracelet!!:
laura gerencser at roadrunner dot com

Bridget said...

i really love it all but i think the eyelet off the shoulder shirt is gooorgeous.

Jess said...

I really like the Wixarikas Shaman Indigenous bag. The skirt your giving away is so pretty as well!

Miss Mayhem said...

That is so beautiful! I love wearing flowing skirts in spring, this one would be great!

-Miss Mayhem

IK said...

im a follower..wow i would love to have one of those skirts !!

anywayz i love the Magic Moon Light Spanish fiesta Maxi dress from aidacoronado !!


Tayler said...

thank you for the comment on my blog, i'm so excited to have found this. what a beautiful skirt.

I wish that this wasn't out of stock:

Nathalie said...

There are so many wonderful details in this skirt. It looks gorgeous

Hillary said...

I've been wanting a dress like this one forever: http://www.aidacoronado.com/store/mexican-embroidered-dresses/vintage-mexican-embroidered-dress-1.html

Sadly, it's out of stock, or I would snap it up in an instant!

Zuheily said...

I love your blog,
very lovely!!! :D

Check my blog ;)

J-Ezzy said...

OMG, first off, thank you for coming to my page and commenting!

Purple Love Mexican embroidered dress <3 <3 <3

aPetiteDiva (at) gmail (dot) com

Carissa said...

what a gorgeous shop! I love all the mexican detailing... perfect for summer! and that skirt is just fabulous! looks so comfy and yet so flirty, too.

it's hard to pick a fave from the shop, but I love the Frida Colores tunic top!


Romantic Heroine. said...

Hi. I give you an award because I love your blog: http://secret-daydream.blogspot.com/2010/03/princess-award.html

Fashion Nicotine said...

Love the skirt, D&G look a like!

Xx. Fashion Nicotine

betz said...

oh my, that is sooooo gorgeous! all of the skirts are to die for!

God's delay is not God's denial

betz said...

oh, i think i pasted something not related to my previous post. heehee...


Ulrika said...

Lovely giveaway!
My favourite item is:
El Jardin vintage Mexican embroidery & lace romantic floral dress.



Nathalie Maggiori said...

That skirt seems amazing!
I'm new follower!


ColeAndJosephine said...

Indie Mexican embroidered roses bag & teal lace is my favorite, but it's out of stock :(

This store is great - you know I love colorful!

coleandjosephine [@] gmail . com

jennifer said...

i like the "Mexican Love Embroidered Dress red floral". beautiful stuffs. =-)

french*wallpaper said...

I absolutely LOVE the wedding dress: Lune llena dream Romantic convertible ruffles wedding dress. I am not a huge fan of most wedding dresses because they feel contrived. But this one is simple and stunning without the "pomp." Gorgeous.


M.M.E. said...

I just wanted to tell you what a lovely blog you have!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

The turquoise is to die for!

chelsea rebecca said...

oh my goodness this is incredible!!
i love this skirt!!
and i love this store! wow so many cute things!! i love all the dresses so so much! so perfect for summer! my favorite is probably las florecitas summer dress!

PS~Erin said...

What an amazing giveaway! I have to say that my very favorite is your featured skirt. I think I'd want to wear everyday of the week! I also love the Indie Mexican Embroidery Roses bag and the Quetzales Verdes Vintage blouse. So pretty!

Vickie said...

I LOVE the eyelet vintage romantic off shoulder Mexican blouse the best... great contest- thanks for letting me know about it!



Leah said...

This is such a fabulous give-away.

I love the peasant embroidered maxi dress... and I love the bohemian feel of her collections.

I'm following you now. xoxo

meraldia said...

OH, my God, wonderful designs! I love this bohemian style. I had no idea about this shop. Thanks for doing this giveaway and I hope I will win! I love all designs and especially Oliva Picos Mexican peasant maxi skirt !

le @ whoopwhoop said...

the indi mexican embroidered bag is my fav - thanks for visiting whoop whoop - best le

enikő said...

Thanks a lot for your invite. Of course I'm going to partecipate. The skirt is gourgeous but I had a look of the website and the items I prefer are the tops. I love every single piece of them.
I'm your follower now...

Margaret said...

thanks for the sweet comment :)
and great give away!

i have to say that it's actually this skirt that's my absolute favourite :)


shoeless simone said...

This is a great giveaway!

My favorite is this: http://www.aidacoronado.com/store/mexican-embroidered-dresses/vintage-mexican-embroidered-dress-1.html

I love the color of it so much!

-Shoeless Simone

Heather said...

what a lovely giveaway!

i adore the 'Lola vintage peasant indie Mexican intricate embroidered blouse' the most!

Jesa said...

Lovely giveaway! Thanks for stopping by-Am now following-hope you'll follow me back :)

I really love the Oaxacan Romantic embroidery wedding Maxi dress.

There really were quite a lot of dreamy pieces!

Cheers, Jesa

Joanne J said...

One of my favorite item is the Eyelet vintage romantic Off Shoulder Mexican blouse!

joanne.j at hotmail dot com

Cara said...

entering your giveaway! thanks for finding my blog. i hope you're following!

my favorite item is the vintage romantic off shoulder Mexican blouse.


Jenny said...

thanks for letting me know about this beautiful giveaway :)

i love this: http://www.aidacoronado.com/store/mexican-embroidered-dresses/silk-mexican-dress-peasant-tunic-1.html


Dear Lillie said...

What a wonderful giveaway! My favorite is the Picos Mexican peasant maxi skirt in white....I think, anyway, there are so many beautiful items it is hard to choose just one!

m.e (Cathie) said...

definitely love the choclate skirt ♥

Laura @ EdenRose said...

I love love love the green and gold mexican tunic dress, it's such a gorgeous colour and style, but it's out of stock god damn it!!
Great giveaway, lovely skirt :)

Ness said...

i absolutely love:
-Eyelet vintage romantic Off Shoulder Mexican blouse (http://www.aidacoronado.com/store/tops/eyelet-vintage-romantic-off-shoulder-mexican-blouse.html
-Gold & Jade Mexican embroidered flowers tunic dress http://www.aidacoronado.com/store/mexican-embroidered-dresses/aida-coronado-mexican-dres-embroidered-jade.html
-El Jardin vintage Mexican embroidery & lace romantic floral dress

- Vintage Mexican silk & lace manta embroidered romantic dress
-Maya white silk & crochet lace ethnic embroidered mini tunic
- Luna Romantic convertible ruffles wedding dress http://www.aidacoronado.com/store/mexican-embroidered-dresses/luna-romantic-convertible-ruffles-wedding-dress.html

- Old Gold ethnic cotton lace embroidered dress http://www.aidacoronado.com/store/mexican-embroidered-dresses/ethnic-mini-tunic-dress-handmade-silk-embroidery-1.html

-but my favourite must be La Senorita Mexicana romantic vintage style dress http://www.aidacoronado.com/store/mexican-embroidered-dresses/romantic-gypsy-peasant-white-cotton-ruffle-off-shoulder-dress-1.html

lots of xxx

Clare said...

what a delicious skirt!! ever so pretty!!

I think my favourite item would have to be the Luna llena dreams Romantic convertible ruffles wedding dress.. but it's so hard to choose!!


abigail's treasure said...

perfect summer dresses! my favourite is **Old Gold ethnic cotton lace embroidered dress** but it is sold out :( will wait for it to come back in stock!

Claire Kiefer said...

This is my favorite!

But it's out of stock. :( All of these are so beautiful!

Anastasia said...

I love all her stuff. I really like the love in the sky mini-dress shirt.


Have a great day,