Wall wear and Stitching

Have you ever seen anything quite like this?

I am so impressed with Neawear's wall wear collection, I knew I had to share. Her handmade embroidery consists of the cutest little animals, flowers and leaves, beautifully put together in a vintage metal ornate frame - ready to hang on the wall! She has a wonderfully creative blog too, so be sure to visit!

Thinking of the lilac trees

Almost purple and not quite pink, demure but not too sweet. Meet lilac, my favourite colour of the day.
I am thinking of the lilac-trees
That shook their purple plumes
And when the sash was open
Shed fragrance through the room

Pretty pictures from here.
Wonderful poem from here.

The mailman brought me lovely things

Last week, I received not just 1, but 2 lovely surprises in my mailbox.

First up, I was very lucky to be one of the winners in the Ambush giveaway, organised by Diana of Our City Lights. My prize? A print of this gorgeous polaroid of balloons on the beach by Naomi Rose. The print came beautifully packaged, complete with heart shaped confetti; it was just too cute. Thanks so much Naomi and Diana!
Next up, my inbox brought me an award! Thanks to Alley, I now officially have a lovely blog. :)

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Seashells and driftwood

A small group of us got invited to a colleague's lovely beach house on the weekend. We lunched, fed the birds, walked on the beach, where I found some beautiful shells and a piece of driftwood to remember the day by. As the winds howled across the shore and I wrapped my cardi tightly around myself, I suddenly realised that summer is well and truly over...

I don't like the cold. But I've decided that instead of whinging about it the way I normally do, I'm going to think of all the things I actually like about winter; like being all tucked up in bed reading a book, cuddling up to Stu (my very own heated pillow), taking a long bath with scented bath salts or making lots of my favourite homemade chicken soup and of course, drinking lots of wine to keep warm.

Winter doesn't seem so bad afterall.

20 things you didn't know about me

I like to stick my tongue out when I take photos.
This is my 2nd favourite pose. I broke my front tooth (adult) once and it grew back…no kidding.
I speak English, Chinese, Hokkien, very basic Cantonese and very basic Italian.
I can swear in many more languages: Malay, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, French, Lebanese, Korean, German, Vietnamese, Behasa Indonesian.
I am an accredited professional translator (Chinese to English)
I teach translation once a week in the evening at university.
When I was about 10, I saw a man running around in flames. He was a mentally ill neighbour who set himself on fire.
I am so vain I’ll happily look at myself in the mirror for hours. I appeared on TV on a talent show when I was a little girl.
I appeared on a newspaper once for the same reason.
I used to collect Barbie dolls; I have about 50 of them in my Singapore home.
I grew up with a lot of pets: dogs, cats, chicken, rabbits, white mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, birds, caterpillars (I wanted to watch them change into pretty butterflies), ferret, fish, tortoise. If I can be an animal, I would like to be a bird so I can randomly poop on people I don’t like.
My favourite reality show is “America’s Next Top Model”.
“Farmer wants a Wife” comes a close second.
I love happy endings, even when it’s cheesy and predictable.
I am really classy when drunk. I prefer juice to soft drinks of any kind.
I seek comfort in fast food, especially Macdonalds and KFC, because that’s what I used to get as a special treat when I was a little girl.

Lost in the forest

Do you remember Enid Blyton's The Magic Faraway Tree? It's been ages since I read the books but I still remember how magical it was. I, too, wanted to get lost in an enchanted forest and make friends with Moonface and Silky the fairy and live in the faraway tree and visit exciting places like the Land of Birthdays, Land of Do-As-You-Please, The Land of Goodies & The Land of Presents and eat lollies growing from trees. Imagine how wonderful that would be.

Will you join me in the faraway tree?
Pictures from enchantinglight, scoutholiday, TuTiM, and tara

And the winner is...

Congrats to Tina of The English Muse for being the lucky winner of my first ever Little Dress Designs giveaway, this lovely card will soon be on its way to you. Please email me with your address.Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway, don't fret if you've missed out this time- I have many more giveaways in store!

Little Dress Design giveaway - the first ever!

For this very first giveaway (yes, more to come!), I am giving away this Little Dress card I named "Belle of the Ball". This pretty pink card is the most girly of my designs and features rose print tube top, pink gathered skirt and a black belt. There's even a little clutch printed on the side to match! Card is left blank so you can use for all occasions. To enter, just leave a comment on this post. A winner will be picked at random next Monday, 5 pm EST.

Good luck!

Etsy find - Japonicas charms

I just found a treasure trove of the most delightful charms! I can't keep them all to myself any longer so here they are:
A rocking horse, a little fairy, two tiny chairs, a crown fit for a little prince, a mirror for a vain pot (like me!), a carousel that's every child's dream- I want them all but can you really blame me?

Visit Japonicas for more of whimsical jewellery.

Don't tell your girlfriend

Before you read: Writings on the wall is a series of short stories I wrote throughout the years of growing up. Some are linked, some are not, some are completely random and some are fictional. But all of them contain a little bit of me. Here is one such story.

He wasn’t good looking in the conventional sort of way. A goofy looking face, big pointy ears and an impish smile. But I fell for him anyway. It started off with quick chats we had during recess. I found myself looking out for him. It was really easy to talk to him and he always made me laugh. It was the way he sat on the steps outside the canteen, sort of rocking his body to and fro like a little boy. Very endearing.

When he first called me, it was about something lame.
“Did you give me the textbook?” he asked.
“Yes, and you put it straight into your bag.”
“Oh yeah! I see it now! I must be blind!” His reply punctuated with exclamation marks.

He never stopped calling since. We talked at school, outside school, late into the night and even till day breaks. I fell deeper. We met up one night, went to the local arcade and played “House of the Dead” till we killed the evil master at the final stage. It was late in the night but I’ve never felt more alive. We walked to the nearby park. I almost slipped, ground slippery from the rain before. That’s when he smiled at me and held my hands. Thumb stroking my palm, fingers clasped. I closed my eyes and thanked god.


“Hello.” He said sheepishly.
“What are you doing here? My parents will kill me if they know you’re here.”
“I…I just wanted to give you your CDs.”
“Oh. Thanks.”
“OK. Guess that’s it. Bye.”
“Bye” I waved to him not knowing what to do.
He turned and left.

He was back 15 minutes later. I let him in silently and crept into my room. He smiled and I laughed. We spent the night playing cards, looking at each other, talking. I was dying to kiss him but we never did. He left before the sun’s first rays came out.

He disappeared on Christmas Eve. I thought he might call, that we might meet up but it didn’t happen. He ignored my calls, my text messages, basically all forms of contact. I was at a friend’s party but my heart just wasn’t in it. I wanted to run off and play cards with him. After 26 missed calls, I got a reply. I took one look and a part of me died.
“I’m with my girlfriend,” it read.

Happy Fives and the Lemonade Award

  • Stu and I won $300 in Lotto!
  • My mom really liked the cupcakes I bought her on Monday's Day.
  • I graduated to a "senior" in my pilates class.
  • Tomorrow's pay day. :)
  • I was given the Lemonade Award!

I was given this very cute Lemonade Award by Patchwork Harmony. (Thanks!). She has a lovely blog and a shop full of beautiful things, make sure you visit!

I would like to pass on this award to: Darjeeling Dreams, Our City Lights, Dilly Dallas, juanitatortilla, Lenorenevermore, The Well Travelled SA Girl, CurlyfrySC's Collage, Where Else But Here?, Gems Beauty Obsession and City of Dionne.

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My mother's daughter

Whenever I look at old photos, I am struck at the uncanny resemblance between my mom and I. Mom used to do up my hair exactly the same way she did hers, we pose the same way, even our dogs look the same! Do you look like your mom too?

This Mother's Day, I ordered a special delivery of cupcakes to be sent to her in Singapore. I wish I can see her look of surprise when she receives them, I think she'll be delighted.

This post is dedicated to my wonderful mommy, and to all mommies out there, have a Happy Mother's Day.

I ♥ Yvette Inufio Photography

My latest Etsy crush is Yvette Inufio Photography; her prints are whimsical, beautiful and feminine. Plus she has a great knack for making simple things look absolutely beautiful. Love the pastel shades and soft lighting, they make me happy just looking at them.

Snow White's apple

A talented student customised her Apple Macbook because she wanted hers to stand out from the crowd. Too clever!

Via likecool.


3 reasons I feel so spoilt and blessed:

1. You. Yes, you. Thanks for all your well wishes, you have no idea how much it means to me.

2. Stuart. This man is the loveliest person I know. Even though it was his birthday last weekend, he bought me a gift:
Wanna see what's in the box?
How did I get so lucky?3. Though the cold is still lingering, I have been feeling much better, no more blocked nose!

Thanks, once again to all of you who read and visit my blog. Have a great week ahead.