Don't tell your girlfriend

Before you read: Writings on the wall is a series of short stories I wrote throughout the years of growing up. Some are linked, some are not, some are completely random and some are fictional. But all of them contain a little bit of me. Here is one such story.

He wasn’t good looking in the conventional sort of way. A goofy looking face, big pointy ears and an impish smile. But I fell for him anyway. It started off with quick chats we had during recess. I found myself looking out for him. It was really easy to talk to him and he always made me laugh. It was the way he sat on the steps outside the canteen, sort of rocking his body to and fro like a little boy. Very endearing.

When he first called me, it was about something lame.
“Did you give me the textbook?” he asked.
“Yes, and you put it straight into your bag.”
“Oh yeah! I see it now! I must be blind!” His reply punctuated with exclamation marks.

He never stopped calling since. We talked at school, outside school, late into the night and even till day breaks. I fell deeper. We met up one night, went to the local arcade and played “House of the Dead” till we killed the evil master at the final stage. It was late in the night but I’ve never felt more alive. We walked to the nearby park. I almost slipped, ground slippery from the rain before. That’s when he smiled at me and held my hands. Thumb stroking my palm, fingers clasped. I closed my eyes and thanked god.


“Hello.” He said sheepishly.
“What are you doing here? My parents will kill me if they know you’re here.”
“I…I just wanted to give you your CDs.”
“Oh. Thanks.”
“OK. Guess that’s it. Bye.”
“Bye” I waved to him not knowing what to do.
He turned and left.

He was back 15 minutes later. I let him in silently and crept into my room. He smiled and I laughed. We spent the night playing cards, looking at each other, talking. I was dying to kiss him but we never did. He left before the sun’s first rays came out.

He disappeared on Christmas Eve. I thought he might call, that we might meet up but it didn’t happen. He ignored my calls, my text messages, basically all forms of contact. I was at a friend’s party but my heart just wasn’t in it. I wanted to run off and play cards with him. After 26 missed calls, I got a reply. I took one look and a part of me died.
“I’m with my girlfriend,” it read.

3 Responses to Don't tell your girlfriend

juanitatortilla said...

My heart sank :(
That creep.

Like the new banner!

whitneyhollington said...

wow. did you write that??? please, i'm dying to know. it's amazing. i wanna read the rest. melted my insides. plus i love the writing style. :]]]

mad love

LEon said...

That's a good piece of writing. it touch me. We win some and we loss some in life.