The sound of sadness

Before you read: Writings on the wall is a series of short stories I wrote throughout the years of growing up. Some are linked, some are not, some are completely random and some are fictional. But all of them contain a little bit of me. Here is one such story from my childhood.
Susan had a big sister called Nancy. I was intrigued by her because the only other Nancy I knew was the one written by Carolyn Keene.

Nancy brought us out on the Christmas of ’91 to take photos. We went to Orchard Road where the lights were bright and shopping centres were decorated with sliver bells, reindeers and Santa Claus.

Susan and I posed, and Nancy snapped away.
“Cheese!” she shouted.

Susan and I linked arms with Santa Claus and smiled at the camera.

Nancy had a boyfriend named Daniel. I knew because Susan told me. On Nancy’s desk, there was a picture of her and a guy smiling brightly. He was wearing a T-shirt that said “Peace!” and she, in one that said “Love!”

One day when I was over at Susan’s place, I heard sobs coming from Nancy’s room. It wasn’t like the loud howling cries I heard at my grandpa’s funeral. Neither was it like my screaming cries when my dad refused me a new Barbie doll. Hers was soft, almost undetectable but altogether more chilling to the spine. I thought this must be what sadness is all about; crying gently behind closed doors.


Note: Did you know? Susan was my first and only (human) friend when I was five. Read about how we first met here.

2 Responses to The sound of sadness

Rachael Kearley said...

that's such a lovely story. It shocked me how you defined sadness, that's pretty much exactly right.

Pink said...

hmmm.. i can feel the 'sadness' now...
beautiful writing :)