Happy Fives and the Kreative award

  • Last night's rain saved me a trip to the car wash. Heh.
  • Stu's coming back from Queensland on the weekend!
  • I bought myself Lily Allen's new album
  • The awful headache that was plaguing me for days is finally gone. PHEW!
  • I got an award. Thanks to beautifully brainy music!

"List 7 things that you love, and then pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you love! Be sure to tag them and let them know that they have won. You can copy the picture of the award and paste it on your sideboard letting the whole world know...you are Kreativ"

Hmmm, 7 things I love:

  1. The first sip of my morning coffee.
  2. Giraffes.
  3. A really thick juicy steak and a great glass of wine to go with it.
  4. Making breakfast with Stu on a Sunday morning.
  5. Blogging and reading other people's blogs.
  6. Travelling.
  7. Sleeping in on a cold rainy day.

I tag: Tanya, Meredith, Diana, Chelsea-Ann Coconut, Steve, Corine and Miss Eve.

8 Responses to Happy Fives and the Kreative award

corine said...

Hey thank you! Is that you in the picture? I love it. I'm not sure how Kreativ I am. I guess I'm Kreativ with words so I am honored to accept this award.

corine said...

I finally added you to my blog roll :-)

Diana said...

yay!! thank you thank you!!


tell us how the lilly allen cd is!!

Miss Eve said...

Thank you so much dear, it's an honor to get this award from you! I will tag other people next week, I have just tagged people for Sexy blogger award this week, so I need to take a lil' break :-) But I will post it to my side bar right now :-)Wishing you a wonderful weekend, and thanks a lot again. Love, Evi

Meredith] said...

oh wow. thanks for this, i'm really honoured. =)

Victoria C said...

Those 7 things really do sounds lovely! xxo

anonymously chic said...

yes, please let us know how the lilly allen cd is and congrats on your award. thanks for stopping by my blog-i hope you'll come back soon!

trishiekoh said...

Thanks for all your comments!

Corine: No, that's not me in the photo, but yes, it is a great picture! Thanks so much for adding me to your blogroll.

Diana and anonymously chic: Lily allen's album is fantastic! full of her usual bitchy sarcastic humour which i enjoy. :)