Happy fives - 6 March 09

  • I slept really really well last night.
  • I sat out under the glorious sun at lunchtime.
  • I read the most amazing book ever- Life of Pi
  • I smell of Mediterranean flowers and fruits...thanks to a divine bottle of Fragonard.
  • It is Friday!

What are your Happy Fives?

Have a lovely weekend!

2 Responses to Happy fives - 6 March 09

juanitatortilla said...

Oi ! We must rule out "It is Friday" because I consider that cheating, haha -- *everyone* is going to name that as 1 of their Happy Fives, leaving only 4 unique.

Life of Pi! It is an awarded book, is it?

Chelsea Ann said...

Wow, this is a great idea to help realise the wonderful things is life. I might just steal it and post it on my blog, hehe.

My happy fives for today would be -
1. Knowing that if I try, I can achieve anything and realising that I have so many opportunities. (I went to a motivational thingo for students today, so ive a bit of an 'I can do anything' buzz.)
2. I have an amazing mother.
3. I have a large can of Milo on hand.
4. I met a new person today who seems really nice and friendly.
5. I have new unlimited Internet.

I also just wanted to say thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Its the first one I've received, so its a rather big deal. :) That's my bonus 6th happy. Thank you.