Everyone's cup of tea

Just in case you've ever wondered what you can do with all the random tea cups you have at home, here are a few brilliant ideas:

Tea cup bangles by Lindsay Pemberton.

Teacup lamps from here.

How about some teacup candles? You can find instructions here.

10 Responses to Everyone's cup of tea

Blog Artists said...

Love those bangles!!!
You're FULL of great posts...thanks!

Don't forget to enter my Giveaway!!

Helen said...

How great! The candle option is fantastic. You have a lovely blog.

Thank you for stopping by my cupboard today (and for making me feel better about killing my cactus!).

A good week to you!

Steve Morozumi said...

wow. these are great ideas for tea cup crafts! i wonder how they make those bangels? love the candles and the lamps too! awesomeness! thanks for sharing this. very cool stuff!

-Steve @ fluxlife

trishiekoh said...

She uses a diamond saw to cut the teacups. I just realised we have a diamond saw at work so I will let you know once i give it a go!

Chelsea said...

I would love one of those bangles but doubt it would survive even a day of being worn by me.

tanya said...

oh my gosh, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!! I LOVE those bangles. Although, I'm not sure if I could part from all these (originally) gorgeous tea cups. Great post :-)

Love your blog, do you want to exchange links?

Georgie Pelser said...

Very much liking the tea cup candles and a lovely blog too.

tanya said...

Hi my dear,
I just mean putting you on my blogroll (on my blog)--I'm placing you on there now... :-)

mapetiteamy said...

I've wanted to make one of those tea cup candle things for some time, but now I have a better idea of how to do it - cheers!

An Carol said...

i like this it`s true Multi-purpose ; )