Today's Happy Five

  • I'm having a great hair day!
  • I found 4 little chillis on my chilli plant.
  • I had a yummy little raspberry friand for breakfast.
  • I cleverly managed not to stain my clothes while slurping down spagbog for lunch.
  • I start teaching again tonight (and teaching is the one job I absolutely love)

Happy Five is a little game that involves listing 5 small joys that you appreciate each day. It can be something as trivial as finding a perfect parking space, or something as exciting as discovering the cure for cancer. This exercise promises to fill you with positive and happy thoughts, so it could become regular feature on this blog, I think.

Try it! What are your Happy Fives?

5 Responses to Today's Happy Five

mapetiteamy said...

that's a smart way to keep one's spirits up!

don't worry, your inspiration will return...i know i have serious droughts sometimes...

and, anyway, i tagged you :)

{this is glamorous} said...

Your five are really great -- Sounds like a fun idea -- shall have to try it!

Blog Artists said...

Love this game...I may try this too tomorrow!
Love yours!

juanitatortilla said...

Chillis! How long did that take? I hope to have some homegrown chillies before we move out of here...

This Happy Fives exercise has kept my head cranking; not sure if I can make it to 5!

steph said...

I love your Happy Five idea and I think I'm going to do that from now on! Do you do it everyday or every week? Or whenever you feel like it?

Thanks for the idea!