The Olive and The Grape

In the 5th century BC the Ancient Greek historian, Thucydides, wrote “The peoples of the Mediterranean began to emerge from barbarism when they learnt to cultivate the olive and the grape”. Not wanting to be accused of being barbaric, Stu and I found ourselves in the beautiful Hunter Valley vineyards on the weekend, where we paid homage to the olive and the grape.

We started the day picking these beautiful sweet Shiraz grapes and tasting them straight from the vines, this was followed by an olive oil tasting session. We then learned to make pasta from scratch, and even had the immense pleasure of eating our very own homemade pasta, coupled with fine wine, all the while enjoying the view of the vineyards. Now, that's a weekend that is hard to beat!

Making our own agnolotti and fettuccini

And then eating it...simply divine!
Pasta cooking classes are available at the Hunter Valley every weekend, at The Olive and the Grape, book your class now!

3 Responses to The Olive and The Grape

glozu4ia said...

this looks delicious!!!

juanitatortilla said...

So nice!
What a great couple-y thing to do on a weekend.

mapetiteamy said...

Looks amazing! Sounds fun too.