Lucky ladybirds

Today, I got an insight into why ladybirds are lucky. Apparently, ladybirds can make love for 9 hours straight, experiencing several orgasms, each lasting up to 30 minutes. They are also a promiscuous bunch, going through an average of 30 different sex partners per year.

Pretty crazy huh? And it certainly gives new meaning to the term "lucky"! To read more about the sex life of these naughty insects, click here.

2 Responses to Lucky ladybirds

Tina said...

lol, i have like a million ladybirds living in my window frame in the summer (very old wood window frame, it's not confirmed but i'm sure that's where they live!), maybe this is why, too much fun hence too many babies!!!

corine said...

Gorgeous, those ladybugs look like jewels