The Rocks Market

Spent most of my long weekend at the Rocks Markets.Located under the Harbour Bridge, it's no wonder many Sydneysiders diss it as being too touristy. But, I find that if you look beyond the postcards and souvenirs, The Rocks markets offers a whole lot of handmade goodies and is a wonderful display of local talent. These are some of my favourite stalls.

A treasure trove of handmade jewellery, made with imported Czech glass from Creatively Belle.
Paris-inspired jewellery and dainty trinkets made from vintage and modern beads from Missy.

Dresses, camisoles and more, made with the softest of silk by Ruby Kate.

Oh, and I bought a hat from here:
How did you spend your weekend?

4 Responses to The Rocks Market

R2K said...

: )

juanitatortilla said...

Those are really pretty!

Belinda said...

Thanks Trish for showing my work! That's lovely of you. :)

There's over 40 new stalls showcasing local designers and their creations at the Rocks markets so it's great to see your beautiful photos showing the great colours and choices.

You have a beautiful blog, well done.

All the best,

Tina said...

what a great market! the dress are so pretty!