New Year Resolutions

I was a bit hesitant about posting this one, simply because I wasn't sure if I wanted to make any resolutions this year. But then I remembered that last year, after I told myself I wanted to lose weight, I promptly gained some and then lost it again, so I'm back to square one. See, it worked. Resolutions fulfill themselves in very mysterious ways.

So for 2009, my resolutions are to:
  1. Make my first Little Dress Design sale
  2. Eat loads of good food without putting on the pounds

  3. Cook more
  4. Buy less, but better quality clothes (and shoes and bags, and jewelry and other accessories)

  5. Read more good books

  6. Watch more great movies

  7. Laugh more

  8. Pilates more

  9. Spend more time with nature

  10. Love (myself and everyone) more

That's it! I think everything is do-able except perhaps #2, especially since my metabolism is slowing down with age.

What are your New Year resolutions?

One Response to New Year Resolutions

juanitatortilla said...

Haven't made any resolutions for the great many years already.
It's not as if I will remember it/them tomorrow!!!