Before you read: Writings on the wall is a series of short stories I wrote throughout the years of growing up. Some are linked, some are not, some are completely random and some are fictional. But all of them contain a little bit of me. Here is one such story from my childhood.


“There are ghosts in the dark,” Susan said.
I looked around but saw nothing.

“Do you see anything?” I asked.

We were at a huge bungalow in Changi Village. My dad rented it for a week and Susan was there with us. We were facing the sea while the adults stood metres behind us, talking in low voices. The smell of barbeque still lingered in the air.

Susan held my hand and said gently, “Don’t be afraid.”


Later that night I asked my mom if ghosts existed. She threw me a quizzical look.

“Susan said there are ghosts in the dark,” I said.
My mom smiled.

“Darling, the only ghosts are in your head,” she answered. “They only exist if you believe them to, understand?”

I didn’t but nodded anyway.

“Do you want to sleep with Susan tonight?” she asked.



A tall headless figure stood in the dark waters. I hid behind the window, hoping it didn’t see me. Susan was beside me, sleeping soundly. I wanted to wake her up and tell her, but I didn’t want to create attention either. “It” will know.

I looked up and it was gone. My heart raced and I felt cold. Suddenly a dark figure jumped out from below the window and I screamed.

Both Susan and I woke up at that instant. I started crying and said, “Headless man.” She started crying too and my parents caming rushing in.

“Ghosts,” Susan told them in between tears.
“Nightmare,” I corrected her, then continued crying.

Both of us slept with my parents that night.


Note: Did you know? Susan was my first and only (human) friend when I was five. Read about how we first met here.