Celebrating New Year's eve eve

It was New Year's eve eve. 4 greedy guts (Claire's, Pete's, Stuart's and mine) got rewarded with Bungalow 8's all you can eat mussels. The mussels were served in belgian kilo pots in 5 different flavours:

Laksa: mildly spicy coconut sauce flavoured with lemongrass and ginger (my favourite!)
White wine: creamy sauce infused with chives and onions (2nd best!)
Thai green curry: coriander, bean sprouts and bamboo shoots cooked in rich coconut cream
Provencale: napoli sauce with tomotoes, bacon, shallots and garlic
Tomyum: fragrant thai broth, infused with galangal, lime and chili

With such yummy selections, how do you choose? The only way was to have it all, and so we did.

Mussels night at Bungalow 8 never disappoints. The mussels are fresh and tender, none of that fishy, rubbery nonsense. The sauces they're cooked in are just divine, with just enough flavour without overpowering the mussels, I would've drank all the sauces if I could. Each pot was served with chunky fries on the side, but with such yummy mussels, we saw the fries as such a complete waste of stomach space.

3 hours and 11 pots of mussels (that's 11 kg of mussels!) later, we were so stuffed so we barely move. But what a wonderful night and such a delightful meal.

Happy New Year everyone!