On the first day of Christmas

My true love gave to me:Neil Perry's latest cookbook, featuring hundreds of asian recipes. This book deserves to be judged by its cover...the inside is just as beautiful as the outside, with lots of wonderful illustrations, recipes and asian cooking tips. Just reading through it, I was dying to get my wok out, stir fry something and organise a banquet. For 100.

Since I broke my watch over a year ago, I have been watchless, everyday. It's a wonder I get to places and work on time. So Stu thought it fit to buy me this beautiful watch. I love it!
But that's not it. He still had a little surprise in store: SJP's new covet. Love the pretty purple bottle. This came at a great time as I am quickly running out of perfumes to wear. Do you love the smell of lilies? I do, and this smells just like a beautiful bouquet.

Stu's really spoiling me!