Lunching out

My friend Andre was in the vicinity at lunchtime today, so we decided to meet up. He was craving for Singaporean food so we headed to Sinma Laksa House.

We've been there a couple of times, and it's pretty good, considering how hard it is to find a restaurant in Australia that serves decent tasting Singapore food. I went for my usual fried carrot cake (it's actually turnip cake!) with prawns and bean sprouts. Andre got greedy and ordered rice with 3 dishes (octopus, okra, pork belly) and a serve of combination kway teow (otherwise known as flat rice noodles). The servings were huge and the food delicious.
I'm in food heaven!
Fried turnip cake (or as Singaporeans call it "carrot cake")Combination kway teow
Stir fried lady's fingers (otherwise known as Okra) and pork belly in background