Little Dress Designs - Updates

Yes I am still making Little Dress Designs. The little dresses are generating heaps of views but no one's loved them enough to purchase them. Heartbreaking isn't it? :( So while I'm still loving my craft, me having had no luck at sales on etsy makes me a wee bit hesitant in listing more up for sale.

But there's no harm in showing you, is there?

Breakfast at Tiffany's:I dream of being a ballerina:Spring is time to...catch butterflies

Me and my pampered pooch:

A friend of mine tactfully suggested that perhaps I should lower my prices. ("hellooo Trish? Have you heard about the recession?") I did so today, down from $8 to $6, but very grudgingly, afterall each creation is the result of hours of my hard work.

Fingers crossed that now, someone will buy my Little Dress Designs.