Life on a Boat

Just before the silly season began, Stu and I spent a couple of days out and about in his dad's boat. It's not a huge boat but it has a cabin fit for 2 to sleep in, a toilet, (No way I'm peeing out of the boat!), just enough room on the deck to fit a dining table and to fish out of. To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive and only went along because it's the sort of thing Stu really likes to do. So imagine my discomfort when I saw this: Oh well, too late now. Our bags were packed, the eski loaded with food and drinks, our skins rubbed on with sunscreen, the boat was launched and then we were off!

Launching the boat 

Bye bye land!

Well it really wasn't too bad, I suppose. I loved the blast of wind in my face when we're going fast, providing relief from the hot temperatures, I did not, however, like it when the winds rocked our boat so much I felt like I was being whirled around in a washing machine. Thankfully, Stu found a nice quiet spot in a little creek, sheltered from the winds and the waves to anchor in. And that's why we spent the afternoon fishing, snacking, reading, talking.

Ok, fishing isn't exactly a glamourous sport, so pardon my gear! Cheese, lots of yummy cheeseReading
Time passes really quickly on a boat, as I came to realise. Behind I knew it, it was nearly sunset and dinner time so we set up our "kitchen" and dining area and made dinner. Just because we were on a boat didn't mean we wanted to eat bad food. So we boiled tinned veg and potatoes in a billy and proceed to grill lamb chops. Not too shabby, eh? Bedtime: I barely slept that night, the lapping waves (albeit gentle) made me dream all night about leaking pipes, then of course I'd wake up and think "DUH, I'm on a boat." But the view I woke up to more than made up for itPretty awesome huh?
All in all, I didn't have a bad time at all, though I was mighty glad to be back on land and having a proper hot shower. Given Stu's love for fishing and boats, I reckon we'll do this again. My friend even joked that we might end up living on a houseboat. I laughed but I know this might just be a distant possibility. If that happens, I'll make sure we have a BIG boat.

2 Responses to Life on a Boat

jenn said...

That sounds like a pretty cool experience. ^^ Not being able to sleep, not so much, nor the skipper joke, but hehe. =) Feeeshing!

Oh, and cheese and wine, yummm.

trishiekoh said...

Yes, Jenn, it was a great experience. Happy New Year! and thanks so much for visiting :)