Carnivores eat at Carne Station

We celebrated Luke's birthday last night at Carne Station, a Korean style all-you-can-eat, cook-it-yourself BBQ restaurant. Naturally, there was a lot of eating involved!

The L shaped buffet table featured pork, beef, lamb and chicken in all sorts of marinades - sweet chili, bulgogi, teriyaki or plain. We just heaped them on plates and started cooking back at our was fun and much more exciting than the standard dinner fare.To lessen our sins, we helped ourselves to side dishes of beansprouts, shallots kimchi, regular kimchi, potato salad (yum), seafood pancake (super yum), chicken wings and sushi.
Then we went back to the meat plus some seafood, I mean, what's the point of eating at carne station if we didn't have lots of meat?
We realised too late we'd overate but what the heck, tis the silly season to be eating lots anyway. Diet starts next year!
Happy belly makes a happy me

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