Australia - The Verdict

OK, so it didn't do quite as well as expected at the US box office, but having watched Australia on the weekend, I decided I really liked it - there was humour, good acting, glorious scenery and Hugh Jackson (whom I decided is the new Brad Pitt. Or George Clooney. Or both.) Despite it being nearly 3 hours long, I was not one bit tired, bored nor restless, the way I normally get during movies much shorter.

Nicole Kidman played her character of Lady Ashley well, I thought. Poor woman, she always cops bad rap for being stonefaced and over paid but I thought she was great, funny even. Brandon Walters as half cast aborigine was FANTASTIC. Super cute, very convincing as an actor, he captured my heart with his big dreamy eyes. And Hugh....Ooohlala! What can I say? Rugged, lean, muscular - he was hotness defined, even with week long facial hair. And I didn't even mind when he said "crikey" one too many times.

Have you seen Australia yet? If you haven't, you should.

One Response to Australia - The Verdict

Coco said...

I don't understand why people diss Nicole, I thought she was fantastic!