2008...in retrospect

Seeing that we're in the last month of 2008, I had a good think last night about the last 11 months - has it been good/bad? Fun/boring? Happy/sad? What were the highlights? The downers?

Someone once told me, that the way you spend NYE is representative of the rest of the year for you. I still remember vividly the first few moments of 2008; we were all gathered at Jon and MP's house. The boys were behaving badly and us girls, were shaking our heads, watching our men make fools of themselves.

Stu had crashed on the couch next to me, protesting fervently, "I've been a bad boy...I am so drunk, I will sleep on the couch tonight.", then he nonchalantly wanders out for a pee in the neighbour's front yard, though there was a toilet in the room.

Deek's looking a bit haughty because, despite devouring copious amounts of Jack Daniels, he was strangely undrunk. Just happy, but not sick-drunk like the others.

Brett was the same, but only because he'd already thrown up all over hours before.

As for Jon, oh Jon...he went into MP's walk-in wardrobe and very carefully threw up into every single pocket on her dresses, tops, cardigans etc. Then he undressed himself, came downstairs and threw himself face down on his front porch and slept. (No kidding, this story was reiterated during the best man's speech at their wedding this Oct. Baaaaaaaad.

That was how 2008 began. It looked like 2008 was doomed to be a very messy year. But thankfully, that someone was wrong. In many ways, I think I have had a good year. My verdict is as follows.

  • Flea infestation at work, I got bitten and still have the scars to prove it. Gross.

  • An eye infection that refused to go away from January all through to March. (I've never felt uglier.)

  • Flooding at work - lost the ceiling, carpet and furniture.

  • Losing Ray (he left Oz for cold, dreadful London!)


  • Becoming Auntie Trish - Liz gave birth to a beautiful baby boy (Declan)

  • Claire came back! Yes I lost Ray but got Claire back. London obviously can only handle that many Australians.

  • Billy Elliot the musical- for scoring a free ticket and for the actual show itself - it was amazing.

  • Family holiday - Australia, Singapore, US, Switzerland (travelled across 4 continents in 3 weeks) with the family. Surprisingly,my parents didn't drive me nuts, it was actually FUN.

  • Phantom of the Opera - seeing it for the second time after 10 years didn't make it any less magical. It still brought tears to my eyes.

  • Dralion - I love Cirque du Soleil.

  • Surviving our first 4 seasons together - with Stu that is. :)

  • Sydney fashion fest AND Alex Perry winter 09 show - did I mention I got free passes too?

  • Fishing - Yup, I fish. Lots. And I even have my own rod and reel to show for it.

  • Birthday at Hunter Valley. Something different, something quieter but something all the more special.

  • Various road trips - Stu and I travelled a fair bit this year, Hunter, Lake Glenbawn, Canberra...

  • Camping...in a thunderstorm. Our tent got blown over as soon as we set it up, but I survived, I am so proud.

  • Magnetic Island Escape - First up, there was Jon and MP's wedding (I love weddings!), plus it was a holiday in itself.

  • Freebies - 2008 was a year for collecting freebies, I won a number of movie tickets, passes, DVDs, CDs. Then Olivia and I went crazy collecting beauty samples from everywhere. Heh.

  • Found my craft. YES! Finally I have become crafty with Little Dress Designs.