The Women

Had a great time watching The Women last night.

The story revolves around Mary Hanes (played by Meg Ryan), who finds out her husband is having an affair and subsequently learns to deal with the situation with the other women in her life (her 3 best friends, her mom and her daughter). Following the separation, Mary realises that during the last 13 years of her marriage, she'd downsized herself to fit into her role as wife, mother and daughter and forgot all about herself.

This was quite poignant for me because I'd always believed that having a loving husband, a big house (with 2 housekeepers), a career, a beautiful daughter and a dog would be all to keep a woman happy. Apparently not. The movie stressed the importance of putting yourself first and being, well, selfish. Point taken.
On a lighter note, Meg Ryan looks incredibly good with her big bouncy curls, much nicer than the shaggy hair do she was known for. But, I must say she's gone a bit overboard with the lip collagen. You can't really tell from this photo, but there were many times during the movie when I thought, "WOAH, trout pout."

Another note worthy observation: there are NO men in The Women. The women talk about them, but you don't see them and you don't hear them, not anywhere, even in the streets, the restaurant scenes and the Saks store the women frequented. And the strangest thing is, I didn't even notice until after the movie.