Pizza, fishing and a movie weekend

Was at Stu's place this weekend for a change. Friday night, he decided to show me how to make pizza.
How good does that look? It tastes delish too and was surprising easy to make, only took us 20 minutes. I love the thin crispy pizza base and of course the fresh toppings we used (chorizos, ham, mushrooms, onions). Yuummmm.

Saturday. We woke up to grey skies and not so warm temperatures. 10 minutes later, it start to spit rain. Bugger. We'd planned to go fishing and swimming at this little cove we found a couple of weeks ago and today doesn't seem like the best day to do any of that.

We headed off anyway. Look at Stu's face, there's nothing like a spot of fishing to make this man happy, even on a grey day like this.
Anyway, for all it's worth, it really wasn't too bad. The sun made a few guest appearances before disappearing into the clouds, the rain threatened to fall but didn't and the temperature was warm - ish (24 degrees). And guess what made it even better? We were just in time to see a seaplane land. Pretty amazing huh?
Sunday came really quickly, we made brekkie and did some work around the house. My dirty car got washed along with Stu's boat. Ironically, Sunday turned out to be a gorgeous day, blue skies, warm temperatures, light breezes - if only we waited 1 day. We tried not to be bothered and convinced ourselves that it was alright, there's plenty else to do anyway.
We ended up watching Nights in Rodanthe (I'd won 2 passes) and while it was the cheesy sappy romance I expected, I actually quite enjoyed it. Richard Gere's always pleasant to watch. The storyline, while sappy and cheesy at times, it wasn't totally predictable. Nice way to end the weekend.
How'd you spend your weekend?