My better half

While I always see myself as my own person, the fact is, I also have a better half.

Meet my man Stuart.
Yes, you can call him Stu, just don't make stupid jokes about it. We've heard a fair few:
"Stu? So what kind of stew are you?"
or, "How's things stewing with Stu?"

We met over a year ago when my company moved into a new building, built by Stu's company. Of course the building was crappy and full of defects and they sent Stu to clean up the mess. He did, and he swept me up along the way too.

I love that he is calm, thoughtful and patient, though that sometimes translates to being boring and slow. I've learnt over the last year that he has a seriously boyish, childish, funny side, something one would never pick from just talking at him.

When he is upset, he broods. I know now that he'll get over it quickly, especially when I shower him with lots of love and kisses.

He is romantic too. He showers me with flowers and wine regularly. Brings me out to nice restaurants and tells me he loves me.

He loves: coffee, Hugo boss, fishing, his boat, his 4WD, baking, cooking, me.
He hates: Hmm. I don't think that he hates anything, just that he dislikes people who play silly buggers at work.

I have a good feeling about this man. Fingers crossed I'm right.

One Response to My better half

Jennifer said...

This is so beautiful! You two make such a lovely couple! The way you met & how much you know about him show what a lovely bond you both have. This nearly made me cry! heheh :) You're so beautiful!