Lazy Sunday lunch

It was overcast all weekend again, cool temperatures, gray skies, windy. It's hard to believe that it'll be summer in a mere 2 weeks' time. But of course now that it's Monday, when I have to be at work, the sun's out and the temperatures are rising. Mother Nature has a wicked sense of humour sometimes.

Anyway, back to the weekend. Didn't do much on Saturday, did my groceries, made chicken baked rice and watched Closer on DVD. Natalie Portman rocks.

Sunday, we skipped our hot breakfast ritual and had some yummy berry and white choc scones for brekkie instead. And that's because we'd planned to have a nice lunch out in the city. First stop, the Rocks Market. I had to meet someone there for a future weekend job selling jewelry (only on a very very casual basis, I do treasure my weekends). Stu had to walk around on his own for nearly an hour. He came back bored and hungry, poor thing.

So we headed off to King Street Wharf. Now, I love this stretch of the Harbour. It's less touristy, offers the same wonderful views and is quiet. Yes, quiet on the weekend arvo. Stu was in the mood for seafood, no objections from me, so we headed to Nick's bar and grill. After looking at the menu, we both realised we were actually craving for some steak. But we both managed to convince ourselves that it would make little sense to have meat at a seafood restaurant. So we ordered fresh oysters to share, grilled salmon for me and John Dory for him.Our Oysters came with a spicy lime and chili dip, but I like my oysters au naturel. Big, fresh, yummy. Our side of bread (fresh baked sourdough) wasn't too impressive though. It was cold and hard, they could've done well to warm it up before serving.
Next, our mains. My salmon was grilled to perfection; crispy on the outside, medium in the middle. It sat on a salad of broad beans, prosciutto and sundried cherry tomato (so sweet!) I was very pleased.
I didn't take any pictures of Stu's John Dory fillet to save him from embarrassment (he is still wildly amused at my photo taking antics). But as far as I can see, it was fresh and a generous serve. Stu's a food snob so I can safely assume it was good because he finished it all.
Didn't have room for dessert, and in all honesty, the dessert menu just didn't excite me. So I settled for hot chocolate and Stu had a short black. Both served with a tiny, melt-in-your-mouth type macaron (I like!)

2 Responses to Lazy Sunday lunch

juanitatortilla said...

Selling jewellery!
Are those cards going for sale too?

trishiekoh said...

Yeah! I will start this Sat, helping a lady out with her jewellery stall at the markets for extra cash. I'm thinking of listing the cards on Etsy, not sure yet, but have to figure out how to make envelopes first.