The Edge of Love

I realise I have been raving all about Govinda's movie room and how great it was and totally forgot to mention the movie, which was actually very good.The Edge of Love, loosely based on the life of Dylan Thomas but focuses in particular, on the friendship between the 2 leading ladies played by Keira Knightley (Viera) and Sienna Miller (Caitlin). Dylan is married to Caitlin but his love for childhood soulmate, Viera, is renewed when the two bump into each other. Despite their rivalry, a strong bond and friendship develops the girls, and the trio share some happy times together. Then Viera meets and marries soldier William Killick, which makes Dylan jealous. The story unfolds further (I won't go into details) but finally the girls had to go separate ways due to the action of their men. It's a truly touching story about friendship and I almost burst into tears at the end.Set in wartime London, I particularly love the glamourous clothes the girls wore, especially when they were out in London clubs or when Viera performs at the Jazz club in London underground. And in the second part of the movie set in Wales, They swapped their gowns for little floral dresses and cardigans, matched with boots and thick woolly socks - which i loved just as much.
And did you know that Keira Knightley can sing? Her voice, deep and soulful was actually very good. And she looked stunning, especially in the opening shot, where the camera zooms out from her glossy red lips as she sings a Tahitian-style number with flowers and fake palms. Her makeup was flawless and her hair were waved in perfect curls, giving her a glamourous 1940's Hollywood look.

Great film, thoroughly enjoyed it for the costumes, the actor's performances and the stylistics of the movie.

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maya said...

cillian murphy is the based reason why i watched the edge of love. n, as usual this movie is great.
friendship, betrayal, n love can be felt from this movie.
bw, nice blog.. :)