Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Saturday was a pretty exciting day for me, here's how it went:

6am, Saturday - Can't believe I'm up so friggin early..but I have to make it to the markets for set up. I hate it hate it hate it, I love my sleep-ins so much.

Did I mention the weather was horrible? The day started off cold, wet and windy and then suddenly it was hot and humid, then wet and cold, then hot and humid (you get the drift right?)

Tonight - Have organised tapas dinner for 11 at the Different Drummer for Liz's birthday, but was unable to get a booking. Am worried, if we get turned away, where are 11 wet, hungry people gonna go?

5pm, Saturday - just got home from the markets. I'm EXHAUSTED from talking and standing all day. I'm lying in bed, groaning, because I was so frigging tired. Boooohooohoooooooo. Have to meet friends in an hour and I am NOT ready.

5.15pm, Saturday - I get a voice message from Claire in an equally cranky voice saying: "It's me, I just finished work, I'm dressed as a fairy and I have glitter all over me. Yeah. So I'm gonna be late."

I burst out laughing. It's always good to know that someone's worse off than you.

Anyway I dragged myself out of bed, put on my new favourite dress and Stu and I were on our way. And by the way, I rang the Different Drummer again and this time, successfully, badgered my way into a table reservation for 11 at the Red Room. YAY! I'm so clever.

But what was even better was the night itself. We ended up having the Red Room all to ourselves, which is a private little function room on the 2nd floor. What a fantastic time we had - great food, yummy cocktails and great company. I haven't seen the group for a while, so it was the perfect time to catch up on goss and laughs.

(Above) Me, Liz and MP
(Below) Claire and Pete. She made it without the fairy costume afterall!
Our banquet menu consisted of 10 yummilicious tapas: turkish bread with tapenade, golden fried Calamari, spring rolls, deep fried potatos, button mushrooms with garlic and rosemary, sizzling garlic prawns, money bags, mussels with nepolitana sauce, chorizos, and churros, served with chocolate sauce. All this for $30 per head! The food came quickly and satisfied all 11 greedy guts.
Happy hour was on, so most of us had cocktails. 1 for 1 deal made it doubly sweet :)
So all's well that ends well. We ate, we drank and we were certainly merry by the end of the night. It's times like this that makes me realise how wonderful life is and just how lucky I really am.