The Daily Grind

These days I find I can hardly get by without my daily cup of coffee. While I spent the last 2.5 years buying coffee from Coffee Republic, I stopped in the last few months when I worked out how much moolah I can save from making my own crappy coffee.

$3.50 (skinny hazelnut latte) x 5 working days = $17.50 per week
Add the occasional croissant/banana bread ($5)
That's $22.50 per week = $90 per month = really nice new dress!!

That's how my love affair with the boys at Coffee Republic ended. It's kind of sad too. Having gone to them 5 days a week for 2.5 years, I've almost come to regard them as my friends (Indeed, they are, at least on Facebook) They're a constant source of fun, a break from the routine mundane workday.

Take Ram, for example, he's a crazy Nepalese guy who is constantly trying to convince me to visit his portugese chicken shop (it was too far!) He always manages to crack me up with his bizarre sense of humour. Not many people understand him, but once you do, he's hilarious.

Then there's Greg, brother of Jim who runs the joint. Greg constantly flirts with me and tells me I'm gorgeous. I love it. There's nothing like a wog boy kissing your ass to make a girl feel better about herself on a Monday morning. And I flirt right back and call him slut when I catch him flirting with other girls at the coffeeshop. He loves it too.

And there's Eddy, good old, calm, easy going Eddy. He's quiet compared to the rest of the boys but just as wonderful. Always says Hi with a smile, always happy, always great

And of course there's Kerehi, who's so much a kid at heart even though he has 2 boys of his own. Kerehi uses his skateboard to get to work everyday and greets me and everyone with a "Yo! What's up man!"

So here's it. This is my tribute to the boys at Coffee Republic who made my daily grind for the last 2.5 years. Thanks, Boys!Above: Greg, Kerehi, Eddy making my daily grind.
Below: Cheery faces of Ram and Eddy