Copy my toes

Stu and I are silly. And as silly buggers, we do silly things, like playing "Scissors, paper, rock" to decide who takes a shower first, or making finger contact and going "beep!" when our fingers meet. We also invent and play silly games like we invented "Copy my toes" yesterday arvo. "Copy my toes" involves one person doing something with his/her toes and the other party has to follow. For example, if I point my right toes, Stu has to do the same. If Stu decides to wriggle his left toes, I'll have to follow suit too. During this game, We made the amazing discovery that while I can point my big toe and raise all the other toes at the same point, I can't raise my big toe and point all other toes at the same point. Stu's just the opposite.
I even took a video to document our new game. Just don't get too excited. It really is as pointless as it sounds.