(Almost) Breakfast at Tiffany's

One Monday morning not too long ago, I got woken up by a phonecall at 8.30am. I struggled out of bed and grudgingly went, "Hello?" And this overly cheerful and enthusiastic voice boomed out of the other end, "Hi Trish? I'm calling from 2day FM, you entered a competition to win $2000 Tiffany's vouchers and you have been picked..."

"AAAAAAAAH!" I screamed, absolutely thrilled. By now I was fully awake and wildly excited.

But of course, there was a catch - I had to go immediately to a holistic clinic not far from home to have my colon irrigated. Eeks. I know.

I was stuck; Tiffany's, I luuuuuuuuuuuurve. Having a tube stuck up my bum so my insides can be pumped out? BLEEEEEAH

I asked the lady if I could take 5 minutes to call her back while I decide. She reluctantly said ok and I immediately rang Stu.

Stu: Nah, don't do it. It's gross.
Me: But it's Tiffany's!! I want jewellery from Tiffany's!!!
Stu: You'll get jewellery from Tiffany's.
Me: What? When? (From you?!)
Stu: Well, it's up to you whether you want to do it or not, but I wouldn't.

So, having no more of a decision than I did 5 minutes ago, I decided to ring the lady back. Apparently, the decision was already made for me. The B#$% rang someone else while I was deliberating and that someone agreed to having her bum washed immediately.

Of course, I automatically went into regret/outrage mode; how dare she ring someone else? Why didn't I just say yes? Such an opportunity will never suffice again. Ever. These thoughts festered all through the day. That night I dreamt about jewellery and diamonds and little blue boxes. The next day, I did the unthinkable and visited Tiffany's website to find out how I could've spent my imaginary vouchers.
1. I have been hankering for a nice sparkling, good quality diamond studs for ages. This pair, set in platinum with round brilliant diamonds, would be perfect. At $725, I still had $1275 to go. Brilliant.
2. This Paloma Picasso design really caught my eye. First, it's pink. Second, it's classic yet girly. Price:

3. I have moolah left to buy Stu something!! This Fishing Rod keyring would be perfect for him, as he is a huge fishing fanatic. Price: $145
4. How cute is this? I want this signature Tiffany box in crystal to store my new Tiffany earrings. Price: $100

After all that spending, I'll still have $35 left, which I'll save for my next shopping spree...YAY!
Now who said window shopping isn't satisfying?