Adelaide for a night

Turns out my concerns about the weather were in vain as my plane took off and landed without incident nor delay. The rains cleared in both Sydney and Adelaide in the hours that I was travelling, which is nothing short of a miracle (considering a great big thunderstorm hit Sydney a mere few hours later).

I was in for a bit disappointment though - my plans to meet an old friend was thwarted by a rather unfortunate personal crisis of hers. So really, I spent more time within the hotel room than on the streets of Adelaide. Thank god I booked myself into a rather nice hotel.

Clarion Hotel Soho, tucked in a quiet corner on Flinders Street (just 2 streets away from the main drag of the city), is a brand new boutique hotel. I think I am getting rather fond of boutique hotels, though I've only stayed in 2 so far - the other being Diamante Hotel in Canberra (I'll tell you about it next time). Boutique hotels, though often smaller to the big hotel chains, offer a certain charm, style and personality that I find so lacking in other hotels. Take the reception for example, it's tiny and tucked in a corner of a narrow entryway, I'd hardly call it grand. But it's the little touches that counts , like the 3 suspended balls of light and the horse fashioned lamp shade and the pearlescent counter itself that made it quite special. As for the room itself, it was tastefully decorated, very modern with some nice finishings. Apart from the usual amenities, there was a 42' plasma (or LCD?) TV, DVD, foxtel, and even an ipod docking station. The bed was queen sized and very very firm and comfy and the pillows were extra large.
Bearing in mind that it is the little things that count, I was pretty happy with my supply of "little" things, like the Natio products in the bathroom and the wonderful Twinnings selection.

So with a hot cup of tea, I watched The Nanny Diaries and rested in Adelaide for the night.