Fab five: nourishing night creams

With the cool and the dry crispness of winter upon us, every evening I find myself reaching the richest of night creams to soothe my dry parched face and let it work its magic as I sleep. And what a difference a good moisturiser makes. My skin feels soft and smooth in the morning and looks absolutely radiant (even if the rest of me is not!). Here are five of my favourites...
O Cosmedics Comfort Cream -  as its name suggests, this super luxurious and velvety cream containing potent mix of antioxidants, is deeply penetrating and comforting for distressed skin. It heals, protects, hydrates and repairs against UV damage and aging. My skin is immediately quenched and looks radiant on application, it really is TLC in a jar!

Natio Ageless Firming Night Cream - I love Natio for their range of effective, affordable products. This hardworking night cream is no exception - it feels silky smooth  and is my pick for warmer months when it just melts into skin, leaving it soft and supple without that horrible greasy feeling. It has a light botanical fragrance, making it very pleasant to use.

Paula's Choice Resist Barrier Repair Moisturizer - I have sensitive skin and so have always been a wee bit afraid to incorporate retinol in my skin routine as it can cause some flakiness. I'd read many good reviews about this moisturizer so decided to give it a try. It has a mild enough formula (0.1% retinol) that it doesn't irritate my skin and oh my goodness, does it work to give calm my skin, reducing redness and dullness and the deepness of fine lines.

Dermalogica Super Rich Repair - a highly concentrated, heavy duty cream packed full of peptides and shea butter, this is the moisturizer I have reaching for since winter's arrival. Though thick, it spreads out well and is readily absorbed by the skin - a little half pump goes a long way. I just apply nightly to clean skin and let it do its magic repair work while I sleep.

Botani Olive Repair Cream Day/Night Moisturizer - a richly hydrating but fluid cream that effectively hydrates dry skin types. It even works as a treatment for Eczema and Psoriasis, redness and irritated skin conditions. I use it when my skin is congested, typically in the warmer months. I like that it is suitable to use day and night - it works well as a make up base and leaves my skin feeling dewy and smooth. And of course, its all natural formulation gets a big tick from me!

Do you have a night cream to recommend too?

In this moment

Life has been crazy busy of late; apologies for my sporadic posting and lack of communication. To be honest, the last month has been a whirlwind of ups and downs. My business has taken off in a way I'd never dreamed it would so quickly and while it was wonderful and I'm ever so grateful it did, I was barely ready to cope with the demands of a full time job while juggling motherhood.

I basically ran on adrenalin for weeks, spending every spare minute I had on work, and neglecting my health and then...I crashed. A couple of panic attacks later, I was forced to review everything, politely declined some work and took time off to just breathe (and write a blog post, haha). It's a constant juggling act and I'm still learning how but at this moment, things are hey OK...
reading... Five Star Billionaire by Tash Aw. Stu highly recommended this book and so far it has been fairly addictive. It's about five very different characters manovering the glitzy and seemingly complicated world of Shanghai and I'm left wondering how they are all connected to each other...

watching... Shark Tank. I find it both entertaining and educational. As a new business owner there is just so much to learn from the Sharks and the aspiring entrepreneurs.

buying... new gumboots to better cope with the epic amount rain we have had in the last week.

feeling... settled, at peace and very thankful for all I have.

planning... Alexander's 3rd birthday party. It's not till September but that boy is so impatient to grow old! He has been talking about having a party for weeks now so we started preps early. So far we've decided on a theme and venue, ordered some party invites, and Alexander has worked out a list of people he wants to invite (somehow 'Mummy' came 4th on the list and only as an afterthought).

wearing... my extremely soft and warm cashmere jumper with my favourite pair of jeans and a pair of stripey socks.

listening to... Alexander's non-stop monologue. He is talking in full sentences now and saying the most hilarious things (I'm saving them for a "Conversations" post).

looking forward to... a remedial massage that I've booked in for tomorrow. Relief for my crook shoulder and back!

cooking... a thai red curry with chicken for dinner tonight.

loving... how the beautiful red, orange and yellow trees that line the roads are glistening in the winter sun  as I drive around my neighbourhood.

What are you up to in this moment?

Conversations with my 2.5 yo

Everyday is a fun day conversing with my little man.
Me: "You're such a handsome little man, Alexander!!"
2.5yo: (shakes head) "Alex not man."

Me: "Alex try some baked beans, they're really yummy."
2.5yo: "Alex can't like baked beans. No, Alex can't like that."

2.5yo: (Counting) "One, two, eight, nine, ten."

Me: "Do you love mummy?"
2.5yo: "Yes."
Me: "Little or a lot?"
2.5yo: "Alex love you lots."

Fab five: hand washes

Ever since Alexander's arrival 2.5 years ago, hand washing became a bit of an obsession (thanks to all the poo-cleaning, drool-wiping, germs ridding associated with kids).  Al-cheapo hand washes from the supermarket no longer cut it as they left my hands dry and cracked so I turned to other alternatives that are kinder and gentler to the skin. Washing my hands now feels like a real treat. Here are five of my favourites...
Sonett Hand Soap Rosemary - the invigorating smell of rosemary is one my favourite scents of all time. It brings the green of the garden inside and helps me focus. This hand soap has a mild formulation that effectively cleans and nourishes. It is so gentle, I even use it to clean my body and face.

Musq Hand Wash Lemon Myrtle and Mandarin - A hand wash without any nasty chemicals that is good for my skin and our planet. The uplifting combination lemon myrtle and mandarin, enriched with the goodness of eucalyptus, tea tree and rosewood makes this hand wash an absolute treat for the senses.

Mor Essentials Hand and Body Wash Sugar Rose - A combination of soft sugary rose and tropical fruits, this scrumptious hand wash is hydrating and soothing even for irritated skin. Use together with the Hand and Body lotion to layer on that delicious scent.

Peppermint Grove Lemongrass and Lime Hand Wash - If scents can take you places, this hand wash transports me to an exclusive lush tropical paradise. It smells delightful and looks elegant. I'm always looking for an excuse to wash my hands when this is on my bathroom sink.

Crabtree and Evelyn La Source conditioning Hand Wash - I've always been a fan of Crabtree and Evelyn's divine concoctions of lotions and potions. Their La Source hand wash is no exception; it is rich lathering and pH balanced. I love that it is so luxurious to use and smells wonderfully reminiscent of crisp clean sea air.

In this moment

reading... emails and enquiries from clients! Yes my business has launched and the response has been most encouraging. I've even made a few bookings and helped a few families with their child-minding needs. 

watching... Alexander playing in the garden. He is most happy being in nature, playing with leaves, sticks, stones and dirt.

buying... more office supplies for my home business.

feeling... pretty chuffed and contented. It seems all is right in this moment.

busy... raking up all the leaves in the garden. It's a never ending task this time of the year.

wearing... cardigans, my favourite jeans and t-shirt. The cooler weather is upon us but the afternoons are still lovely and warm. Move away dresses and hello to layers.

listening to... the sound of Stu and Alex playing in the living room.

looking forward to... watching the Australian ballet perform Symphony in C this week. It's my Mother's Day present from my gorgeous mother in law.

cooking... a nourishing and warming chicken soup with carrots and corn for dinner tonight.

loving... how Alexander is now playing with all the other kids in our street. There are about 10 of them ranging from 2.5yo (Alex) to 12 but somehow they all manage to play nicely together with the older kids looking out for the littler ones. It is most endearing and lovely.

What are you up to in this moment?